Sunday, June 29, 2014

Top MLM Truth Revealed On Specialized Knowledge

The top mlm truth revealed on specialized knowledge is that you will have success only if you USE what you learn. If you do not use it then you have wasted your time going to class. Here is my lesson plan on Chapter 5 in Think And Grow Rich.
Stuart Austin Weir was a construction engineer by trade. The depression forced him to change occupations. What he did was go back to school and prepared himself for a lawyer by taking specialized courses and passing the bar exam. He graduated during the depression and was past 40 years old plus he had a family.
I accept the fact that I mistakenly listened to the guidance counselors back in college. I had two bachelor degrees. One in accounting and the other in finance & they told me the following: You can't have a job because your GPA is 2.7 and it has to be a minimum of 3.0. Unfortunately I was not a critical thinker at the time. As Michael said that his friend who works for Motorolla does not use anything that he learned in college.
The guidance counselors definition of me is NOT who I am. The fact is that they intentionally wanted me to lose.
What I am doing is listening to audios in MFF and using what I learned by taking action, setting goals and more importantly making sure that I meet the deadlines.
Now it is your turn to act on this mlm truth revealed on specialized knowledge because there is an old saying, the person who stopped studying just because he or she finished college is doomed to mediocrity no matter what his profession is.

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Top MLM Secret Exposed On Compensation Plan Today

The top mlm secret exposed on compensation plan today is that there is no reason to be a part of a company where you need to spend twice as much for your autoship for the same amount of volume. Michael Dlouhy recently had a coaching call with a client and she was spending $200 bucks on Autoship for 100 BV per month. And the average person spends $100 bucks on Autoship for 100 BV per month. There is a big disconnect there.
Consider this: Do yourself a favor and ask yourself how many people do you need on your team to earn your desired income? Remember that the average person in this industry is initially NOT looking to earn a six figure income. All he cares about is paying his bills!!
How many people do you need to have on your team to earn $1000 per month? In some companies you need 100 people and in other companies you need 500 people. Do you want to be on a team where you have to work five times as hard to earn the same amount of money? Of course not!!
Something else to consider is if your company says in its contract ongoing sales. That means you need to get for good new customers and new distributors every single month: If that happens run because want to retire on the beach one day and not work every month.
People ask how much money per hour they get paid in their job all the time, yet in network marketing it is so pathetic that they do not. They should ask themselves do I get paid $10 per hour, $20 per hour, $50 per hour or a $100 bucks per hour? Which one would you go for. Me of course the $100 per hour!
Last but not least people believe the hype like when a company says they pay 100% commissions. There is no such thing as 100% commissions. When someone says that run, run, run! Because all they are selling you is air. Not a tangible product that you can consume!
Ask yourself would you buy this product if there was not a compensation plan? And can I retail the product at a reasonable price to customers and get paid for it every single month? If one of the answers to the questions is no then run!
And my suggestion to you is to use the mlm secret exposed on compensation plan by asking yourself "Which compensation plan pays the most for the average part time person?"

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Top MLM Secret Revealed On Taking Action Today

Margi Starr writes about the top mlm secret revealed on taking action is to stop getting to get ready and just do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals. Focus on what you want NOT on what you do not want. Worry about the what and you will find the how. Everybody knows that if you do not act then the opportunity will go to someone else instead of you!

Chapter 4—Autosuggestion

Many of us begin our journey in network marketing by striving to learn everything we can about our company. We study the product line and the comp plan. We learn how to navigate our back office and how to read downline reports. We listen to company calls and are motivated to build a successful business.

Then we get stuck.

We clean off our desk and organize paperwork over and over and over again. “Getting Ready to Get Ready” becomes an excuse for doing nothing.

For others, being stuck becomes a paralysis. Fear shows up in physical and emotional ways (nausea, depression, excessive fatigue, confusion) and overrides logical reasoning.

Learning MORE about the products and the business does not get one “unstuck.”

The answer is retraining the Subconscious Mind through the power of Self-Talk.

Before I began my journey of Personal Growth, I would have told you this was all airy fairy stuff, but there’s an old saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Even though I believed fully in transforming your mind through Scripture, I was completely ignorant of the power of the Subconscious. I thought that I just needed more training or information.

But learning more Information doesn’t necessarily get one “unstuck” from lifelong patterns.

So how does one get unstuck?

The secret is simple and costs nothing but your time. You must retrain what’s in your Subconscious Mind through the repetition of positive affirmations and declarations. State it as though it’s already true.

Don’t let the word “simple” misguide you. Repeating Self-Talk hundreds of times each day is not rocket science, but it’s not easy. It requires the utmost commitment, focus, and perseverance. Belief will come the more you say it.

Here’s one of my Self-Talks:

“I am an Inspiring, Achieving, and Prosperous woman.”

If your Self-Talk makes your stomach do flip flips, it’s probably the perfect one. When I started saying this Declaration, I certainly didn’t feel that I was Inspiring, Achieving or Prosperous. Far from it. But now, after saying those words for many months, they feel like a perfect fit. It’s like a contract I have with myself.

My business Self Talk is the one we hear frequently on MFF calls:

“I am having fun attracting and sponsoring Leaders into my business, easily and consistently, through education and teamwork.”

I’ve known people who have agonized over what words to use in their Self-Talk. They get stuck because they think they have to have the perfect words. The only thing that really matters is to Do It.

Michael Dlouhy suggests that we say our Self-Talk 400 times per day. I’ve never counted out how many times I actually say it, but I know that whenever I wake up during the night, my Self-Talk is going through my mind.

It’s as though the power of the Positive words are washing away the negative that has built up throughout my lifetime. The neuron pathways are cleansed and re-magnitized with powerful, life-changing patterns.

So for those of us seeking to grow a successful network marketing business, it makes sense to intentionally rewire our brains with Positive thoughts. After all, this is far more important than reshuffling the papers on our desk or studying the molecular composition of our products.

Who will join me in committing to saying Self-Talk 500 times per day?

Margi Starr
Springfield, Ohio

"...Be transformed by the renewing of your mind." Romans 12:2

"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things." Phil 4:8

Now it is your turn to use this mlm secret revealed by focusing on what gets you paid that is the output and if you spend too much time learning about the product and its ingredients then you are NOT working on your business, you are working in your business. Solve the problem now and do whatever it takes to win!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Top MLM Secret Exposed On Follow Up Today

The top mlm secret exposed on follow up is as follows: It is the most important thing a person every does in the business because there is an old saying, the money is in the follow up! What does a person say when they follow up? They do not always talk business. They ask how the family is doing? How was your nephews birthday? How was your trip? Just conversations! Pay attention to the answers because people do not care how much you know, unless they see that you care about them.
What I learned from my mentor Ken Klemn, is to follow up with your customers by calling them on their birthdays. Sending them thank you cards for being a customer because it is better than an e-mail do to the fact that it is personal when you write it and they see that you took time out of your busy schedule.
Use this mlm secret exposed on follow up to get your customers and more importantly keep them, because without following the suggestions in this blogpost then your customers will go to someone else!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Monday, June 16, 2014

How Strong Is Your Burning Desire?

Tuula Rands writes in her lesson plan on a burning desire and I must say that if we are not excited and passionate about our business then lets face facts and ask for the exit sign!

A white burning desire is something we want so badly
that our imagination, our mind, our activities are consumed by it.
We can think of nothing else. Everything we do is directed
toward attaining that desire.

Indifference, laziness, or lack of ambition has no
place in our activities.

We are not concerned with what others think,
fear has no hold on us, we only know what we
want and as long as we keep moving forward
with blinders on to the distractions, our desire
will become a reality.

As we build our network marketing business, can
we say we do this successfully each and every day?

If you are like me, probably not. It is a goal to strive for.

We enter this wonderful world of Network Marketing with
baggage. Some of us are able to quickly clean up our minds
from the baggage and for some of us it may take a little longer.

The thing to remember is to keep moving forward one step
at a time. As long as we do not quit we will succeed.

Keep the picture of our desire in front of us at all times
because, as Hill states, “If you do not see great riches
in your imagination, you will never see them in your bank balance.”

Tuula Rands

Are you doing whatever it takes to accomplish your goal or are you just working backwards?

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Monday, June 9, 2014

Here Is How To Obtain Success!

What I think of Chapter 2 is as follows: You have to want SUCCESS more than anything else! You must have a definite plan and you must adjust!! And remember that people forget that there is such a thing as turning failure into massive success. That is learning from your mistakes and NOT repeating it!

Take action with the tools you have just like Henry Ford did. He did not wait for opportunity to favor him. Background means nothing either. Andrew Carnegie began as a laborer in the Steel Mills and he followed the Six Steps in Chapter 2 to achieve his dream!

What is your plan to accomplish your goal? If your company had a purple cow product to market where nobody can purchase elsewhere would you seize that opportunity or would you let the opportunity go to other people?

Wouldn't you want to be the next Henry Ford in your respective calling?

Believe things BEFORE you see it! No different than someone seeing the Empire State Buildings and tourists going with the elevator to the top floor to see views of New York. Someone had the vision and took ACTION!

The imagined then planned, reviewed and adjusted! Not more!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Top Home Business Secret Revealed On Communicating With Prospect Today

The top home business secret revealed on communicating with your prospect today is to listen more and to talk less. That way you build more influence him then someone who is just giving him information that he does not need. Here is how you can do it with your prospects:

Lets say you have a green personality. The green personality needs to know everything in order to make a decision. He is self contained and indirect meaning that he does not share personal information with a stranger if he does not know them and if he has to talk he gives short answers. He may be getting to get ready over and over again, but never push him because once he makes a decision to get going he gets going! Michael Dlouhy says as a guideline that if you want to follow up with a green do so at the most every two weeks. Because if you follow up with him too often he will see it as being pushy.

With a yellow personality is the following: They are open with their feelings and also giving short answers. They are the ones who have built the largest organizations in network marketing due to the fact that they are relationship driven. They listen. You can not push them either or else they are gone. One thing that they must learn is to say no to requests. They can't be everything for everyone. By the time they are 40 years old they are asking themselves. When is it my turn?

With a blue personality he sees the big picture right away. He is open with his feelings and will give you more information than you need. They are the ones though who need to get focused and start listening to other people. A blue does 17 unfinished products and starts the 18th one. Michael Dlouhy had a decade ago a challenge with the Mentoring For Free System and Tom Big Al Schrieter his mentor mentioned that he had to fix one task at a time. As a result Michael became more focused and therefore his primary color is a blue and his secondary color is green. Get a blue lazer focused and teach him the colors and he will own his life!

Last but not least there is the red personality. The red is all about the money. They do not care about your family, small talk or vacation. They want to know the bottom line. They are self contained and direct. They do not want you to know much about them and they will control the conversation, meaning that they will make you answer their question. If you have a coaching call with them with the top money earner then they are willing to listen to you! Give them a challenge by telling them the following: "I don't know if you can do it or not!" And watch them go for it!

When you can find out what your prospect wants and help them get it with the Colors To Success then you will be a master of it! My suggesting to you is to join us for a month on our training calls, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night for at least a month!

Time to use this home business secret revealed!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Top MLM Secret Revealed On Winners Today

The top mlm secret revealed on winners are that they stay in the game no matter what circumstances they go through because subconsciously they know that they are three feet from gold. However, before we can be winners lets first clear up the following issue:

Chapter 1 - Thoughts Are Things

Finally, they decided to QUIT.

They sold the machinery to a junk man for a few hundred dollars, and took the
train back home. Some “junk” men are dumb, but not this one! He called in a
mining engineer to look at the mine and do a little calculating. The engineer
advised that the project had failed, because the owners were not familiar with
“fault lines.” His calculations showed that the vein would be found JUST THREE
it was found!


I know the first sentence above doesn’t refer to those here reading this post
because if it did . . . you wouldn’t be here reading it!

I’d like to draw parallels from the paragraph above to some of my experiences
with network marketing.

Since I was introduced to network marketing in 1999, I’ve seen many people quit
and “take the train back home” to their mediocre lifestyles.

“Some men are dumb, but not this one!” . . . although I’ve been through many
ups-and-downs in this business and have not yet achieved the level of success I’m
aiming for . . . I have never (completely) quit.

I’ve taken some breaks . . . but have always had network marketing in the back of
my mind and a constant nagging telling me this is what I’m supposed to do . . . fast
forward several years and whether by chance or design, I found Mentoring for Free!

“He called in an MLM Engineer to look at his business and do a little calculating."

"The Engineer (Michael Dlouhy) advised that the project had failed, because the quitters
were not familiar with 'The Recipe' . . . his calculations showed that 'Freedom' would be
found just a short time beyond mastering the 'MFF System'. "

That is exactly where I know it will be found . . .

The reason being that I’ve truly made up my mind once and for all to . . .

“Think & Grow Rich”

Tony Harnett

Now are you going to throw in the towel and not do anything with your business due to one obstacle or are you going to use the top mlm secret revealed on winners and do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals?

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

MLM Secret Revealed On Success Consciousness

Brian Redding discusses in his lesson plan the mlm secret revealed on how to get from poverty consciousness to success consciousness and one thing is for sure you can't have success with a negative mindset.



Upon reading and listening to this chapter, which by the way, I always read and listen to the chapters at the same time, brought me the key ideas of changing my lifetime of mediocrity and failure.

Positive thoughts bring about a money consciousness or success consciousness whereas negative thoughts bring about a poverty consciousness or failure consciousness.

Wow, wow, wow … sometimes it takes reading a chapter over and over again before the chapter finally sinks in and starts helping me to change my stinking thoughts.

It has taken many years of reading this book to finally be able to read it with more clarity. When I would read a chapter, my mind would drift off and I would start thinking of things which I had to do during the day.

But this time when I read it and also after reading and listening to Monday afternoon’s lesson skills training call, I seem to have become much more clear in my thinking in that I was able to focus longer on the chapter that I just read and listened.

I must stop thinking of negative thoughts. I must get out of the poverty mindset. I must become success conscious. How do I do that? By following each of the thirteen principles thought in this wonderful book “Think and Grow Rich”.

Now I know why Michael does not change books after we finish with it. He knows that sometimes it will take many readings of the book or of reading a certain chapter when we stop the chatter in our minds and be able to concentrate long enough to stay focused while readi ng the entire chapter.

I finally feel that I have made a nice breakthrough. I must practice to only think positive and this book along with as many positive books that I can get my hands on and read in a focused state of mind will get me into money and success consciousness.

Thank you Michael and Linda for giving us this training vehicle called Mentoring For Free, to help us all achieve our goals like Barnes and the Black girl did as outlined in this Chapter. I now believe and know that I will succeed because I now know the secret and it all starts with a positive mindset.

Brian Redding in Chicago Illinois

Now it is time to use this mlm secret revealed on clear out all the negative chatter in your mind and think and ACT positively when building your business because one negative thought ruins the whole thing.

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld