Saturday, June 28, 2014

Top MLM Secret Exposed On Compensation Plan Today

The top mlm secret exposed on compensation plan today is that there is no reason to be a part of a company where you need to spend twice as much for your autoship for the same amount of volume. Michael Dlouhy recently had a coaching call with a client and she was spending $200 bucks on Autoship for 100 BV per month. And the average person spends $100 bucks on Autoship for 100 BV per month. There is a big disconnect there.
Consider this: Do yourself a favor and ask yourself how many people do you need on your team to earn your desired income? Remember that the average person in this industry is initially NOT looking to earn a six figure income. All he cares about is paying his bills!!
How many people do you need to have on your team to earn $1000 per month? In some companies you need 100 people and in other companies you need 500 people. Do you want to be on a team where you have to work five times as hard to earn the same amount of money? Of course not!!
Something else to consider is if your company says in its contract ongoing sales. That means you need to get for good new customers and new distributors every single month: If that happens run because want to retire on the beach one day and not work every month.
People ask how much money per hour they get paid in their job all the time, yet in network marketing it is so pathetic that they do not. They should ask themselves do I get paid $10 per hour, $20 per hour, $50 per hour or a $100 bucks per hour? Which one would you go for. Me of course the $100 per hour!
Last but not least people believe the hype like when a company says they pay 100% commissions. There is no such thing as 100% commissions. When someone says that run, run, run! Because all they are selling you is air. Not a tangible product that you can consume!
Ask yourself would you buy this product if there was not a compensation plan? And can I retail the product at a reasonable price to customers and get paid for it every single month? If one of the answers to the questions is no then run!
And my suggestion to you is to use the mlm secret exposed on compensation plan by asking yourself "Which compensation plan pays the most for the average part time person?"

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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