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Exclusive MLM Secret Exposed On Decisions

An exclusive mlm secret exposed on making decisions is If you are confused about making decisions then will teach you how to make them and more importantly avoid changing them. There is an old saying that if a person is wishy-washy then he is a goner. Read the rest of the story to find out the reason why.

Another excellent chapter! Decision-making
has never really been a strongpoint for me,
I am one of the ones that takes a long time
to make a decision and even then, I waver.
I guess a big part of that is not trusting
myself. I can honestly say that my self-trust
has eroded over the years. This I believe is
a result of starting projects with great
intentions and often never seeing them through
to the end. I really hate to continue to use
the "I'm a Blue" excuse, but this is another
area of my life that used to really baffle me
until I listened to the 'Colors' audio. At least
I know what I know now about my personality
characteristics and I can take steps to address
it. For so long I didn't even know what I didn't
know...the ultimate in ignorance! I've always
envied people who can make decisions quickly and
stick to them. Here's a 'for instance' about my
poor decision making ability: I often buy things
on a whim...then I get buyer's remorse. Then I
spend hours searching the internet to make sure
I purchased the right product at the best price.
Often this leads to many, many returned items and
"re-purchasing" of items I have already bought at
a different store or online shopping portal. I've
become a master at returning items and finding the
best price...but a what cost? I may save a few
dollars but I spend a lot of time searching and
fretting over my purchase decisions. Imagine how
many opportunities I have missed because of this

I love the fact that the author goes into
detail about the power of a decision..a real, burn
your ships and bridges decision! It's amazing to
think how one REAL decision led to the independence
of the country we live it today. Those men had REAL
courage, not like the politicians of today who change
their minds every time a new poll result comes out.
Sometimes I think that it was the the fact that they
had no 'mind-eroding' television to watch, they likely
read great books, and they hung around with like-minded
people. Kind of sounds like the 'Mental Cleanse'
directions! I never really knew that network marketing
would be this hard....but it's an experience that I
wouldn't miss for the world now. I realize now that in
my previous life I wasn't making decisions, I wasn't
improving as a human being and a leader...I was really
sleep-walking through life and doing as I was told. I'm
not going to go into the "blame-game" of blaming my
parents and the educational system and television and
blah, blah, blah....however, I will say that it would be
refreshing to see our educational system reform an start
teaching kinds "how to think, not what to think", how
to make decisions quickly and stick with them, and how
to take imperfect action instead of waiting for everything
to be perfect before doing anything.

Anyway, I have made a REAL decision to be a 100% member
of MFF, go through the cleanse, follow the system and then
teach my people to do the same. I have no buyer's remorse
and I'm not looking for any other "systems" to take its
place. I realize now that this is a marathon, not a sprint.
I have to pay my dues, put the work in, do what I'm told,
take imperfect action, and the rewards will come. Thanks
for letting me share.

Now use this exclusive mlm secret exposed on making decisions or else it is your loss.

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Home Business Success Secret Revealed On Setting a BHAG Goal

This is the home business success secret revealed on setting a BHAG goal for yourself written by my good friend Margi Starr. If everybody followed this blueprint when building their home based business from one pin level to the next then they would be on their way to massive success! Several years ago I set a BHAG goal for myself. BHAG stands for a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal. You know it’s a BHAG when people laugh at you. You know it’s a BHAG when you wake up in the morning thinking, “What did I get myself into???” You know it’s a BHAG when you it takes a while to wrap your brain around where to start.

When I told people that I was going to climb Pike’s Peak, people laughed. My cousin announced to our family, “Margi won’t be able to do it.” My fitness instructor raised his eyebrows and said, “Really???” I planned my strategy carefully. Using the internet, I found a fitness program that would help me get into shape.

Walking one mile gave me one point. Two miles equaled 2 points. Running up the stairs of a stadium was worth 3 or 4 points depending on the number of stairs. According to this particular fitness program, I needed a minimum of 24 points per week for 8 weeks, otherwise, my mountain climbing adventure could be disastrous. I aimed for 28-30 points per week of walking and climbing. I even signed up for a spin class to build up my lungs and endurance even more.

I sought the advice of people who had some athletic experience. One friend, who had run some cross country in high school, suggested that we meet at 5:45 AM 3 mornings a week to get in some miles. Those early morning sessions were extremely valuable. Over the nine weeks, my husband and three of my best friends laced up their walking shoes and joined me. On Saturdays I worked up to walking 10 miles without stopping. I would start out alone and before long, someone would call me and say, “Hey, where are you? I’m going to join you for a couple of miles.” Then someone else would come alongside me and walk a mile or so. The miles melted away under my feet building my endurance and confidence. This past weekend I once again entered the scary, but exhilarating world of the BHAG.

I set a goal for myself that has me ready to throw up and yet has me so excited that I can’t sleep. This time it’s a network marketing goal. I have reviewed the charts that I used for climbing Pike’s Peak. Each week had a specific amount of activities I needed to do. Although I accomplished massive action each week, it was all broken down to small activities each day. But the secret was in my consistency.

Whenever I thought about slacking off, I saw a 14,100 foot mountain looming ahead of me and it jolted me back into action. So tonight I made a detailed Ten-Week Action Plan for achieving a significant network marketing goal which includes: • Daily self talk • Daily personal development • Phone calls to my warm market • Social media posts and relationship building to get downloads of STS • Writing daily blogs to get downloads of STS • Visiting businesses that could benefit from my product(s) • Do presentations both with individuals and small groups • Doing at least one larger scale events. • Working with my team and teaching them to duplicate what I do. • Being Accountable to my own mentors and peers. I have a target goal for the number of Customers and Distributors who will find me and join me. I have some specific dates as to when I achieve the mini-goals of Pin Levels that I need to achieve prior to March 31.

It all comes down to having a Plan and then working the Plan. The Plan will probably change. That’s okay. But now that it’s down on paper in bite-size action steps, I can better SEE me achieving my goal. Organized Planning takes a BHAG and brings it to life. Just follow this home business success secret revealed just like you would "Follow Da Yellow Brick Road!" Lawrence Bergfeld Build Your All Star Team Today Lawrence Bergfeld 917-399-6207

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Home Business Secret Revealed On Setting Goals

This is the home business secret revealed on setting goals that my good friend and mentor Ken Klemn taught me this afternoon. They first of all must know what they want to accomplish in life or else they will get nowhere.

That is their WHY?” They must stop asking what and how. What is it that they really want? Think about a cheese cake. You want it to be tasty, smell good, and delicious. What ingredients you need to make the cheese cake. Find it out and put it in order or else it will not taste good. Same with your goals. You must know how many customers and distrubutors you need to make one pin level. And you must do it in order to get it!

Then repeat the next thing for the next pin level. That’s what this home business secret revealed is all about now its time to put it to good use by taking action on a daily basis towards your goals!

Lawrence Bergfeld Build Your All Star Team Today Lawrence Bergfeld 917-399-6207

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Exclusive MLM Secret Exposed Is To Use Knowledge Or Get Out Of The Game Today

This mlm secret exposed is to help you avoid making the mistake of acquiring knowledge and not using it. Knowledge is power only if it is used. David Waxman explains what NOT to do with knowledge. Chapter 5 Specialized Knowledge In this chapter, I have discovered one of my largest stumbling blocks. Years ago, my father said to me you must do something specific. Unfortunately, I did not completely listen to him. I have always remembered what he said. However, I did not apply it. Over 30 years ago, he suggested I become a plumber. After reading this chapter, I realize why. In today’s world, I understand why a college education might not be the answer to prosperity. College educations are viable provided you study courses to develop a special skill. Stuart Austin Ware did this twice. First, he studied engineering. Then, he pursued an education in law. In other words, most of the knowledge gained in a formal education setting has no power. Thus, it is not applied knowledge. Throughout my working life, I have stumbled and struggled due to lack of specialized and applied knowledge (experience). Most jobs, I have held were at the bottom. Resulting in frustrations that created ruts. I have been in so many ruts. I stopped working. Invested in real estate, I did well for a while. Made some poor decisions. Creating the largest rut I have ever been in. I had not even started developing and enjoying, my network marketing spider web. Yet, I made a poor choice. Thanks to David Haines and Michael Dlouhy, they prevented me from experiencing a larger rut. Mentoring for Free provides specialized knowledge that one can easily transform into applied knowledge. Topics include Success in Tens Steps, the 5 Pillars, personality colors, and the 30day mental cleanse. These topics are explained in full detail using word pictures that create clear visible images. Clearly emphasizing the importance of how this information can contribute to a profitable and prosperous network marketing business. Not only is valuable lucid information provided. The MFF support system is the best. Every conference call reinforces different parts of published information, as well as, provides handheld coaching on how to apply the information. Due to the development of the internet, information is at our fingertips. The amount of information available to us is mind-boggling. Unfortunately, all these systems offering information present perspective users a challenge. This challenge is being able to fully comprehend and digest it, so that it can be applied. Creators of information feel to establish the perceived value being offered at a price. Concepts must be detailed using large words to describe complicated ideas. Painting words pictures that represent mud, as well as, ideas that can not be duplicated. My father is correct in the advice he gave me. Had I followed his suggestion? I would have been faced with different obstacles in life. Stuart Austin Ware validates the value of a college education provided you know exactly what you want to pursue once you have graduated. After graduating college, I must admit I had no clue of what I really wanted to do. My real estate success had more to do with the times than ability. Ruts are unavoidable. Even though, I have made some poor decisions. The lessons learned are valuable. I do not regret the decisions. I am grateful for the word pictures that have simplify my understanding of network marketing. In addition, to the lessons I have learned about information and emotional decisions. Thank you Linda, Michael, and David for all this help. David Waxman, Providence, Rhode Island Now avoid making the same mistake David Waxman made my not USING the knowledge. If you use it then you will BENEFIT from this mlm secret exposed! Build Your All Star Team Today Lawrence Bergfeld 917-399-6207

Smart MLM Tip Is To Mention Three Strengths and One Weakness To Prospect

Yesterday I learned a smart mlm tip from my good friends and mentors Michael Dlouhy and Richard Dennis on our conference call. That is to mention three strengths and one weakness to your prospect because if you do that they will TRUST you. You must avoid mentioning more than one weakness to them because then see that you start to be negative with them and that will make them shut the door on you. How does this work with the Colors To Success. It works like this. Lets say you are with a yellow. The yellows are the best relationship builders. People come to them with their problems no matter what they are. They are the nurturers and if a cat needed a home they would find one. They make peace with two people who argue with each other and they do whatever it takes to make them get along with each other. Also they are the best team builders due to the fact that they are the best listeners. They find out what people want and help them get it. One weakness is that when someone says no they take it personally. You must mentor them by giving them the example of the coffee story. If my wife and your wife & you go out to breakfast and everyone wants coffee except me. Does the waitress go into the kitchen crying? Of course not. Then here it does not happen either. They are just saying no to your business and or your product. For the blue personality their strengths are they are the best promoters. They are in sales. They are the life of the party and they give more information than you ask for. They are the ones who do 17 projects that are unfinished and they decide to do and 18th project. If you help them get lazer focused by telling them to one project excellently at a time. Then they will own their life. Remember they see the big picture fast and when they become a critical thinker they will avoid the next shiny object in front of them. The green personality is the personality that follows through the projects that they have to do. They are excellent at doing research. They are accurate and they are persistent. The problem with them is that they get ready to get ready too much and fall into paralysis analysis. If you can get them to take action right away and let them know that you do not have to have all the answers you will then have them. The red personality is the person who is the boss the ceo the manager of the company. They do all the hiring and firing. They are focused, they are well connected and they are all about challenge. Be real with them when you challenge them because they are able to spot it when someone is being phony. A challenge in mlm works like this. This guy made it up to the Presidential Level of the company in 32 months, I don't know if you can make it in 16 months or not? When they hear that they will say watch me I am on my way right now! They will go do it. A weakness for them is that this is a volunteer army and they can not tell people what to do in this business. They have to let them work it at their pace. Because if they insist on someone doing something then they are out. Michael Dlouhy mentioned at the end of the call this one tip. Everyone must find a yellow to build a relationship with a yellow because they are the ones time and time again who built the largest organizations in network marketing. And in order for you to own your life you must use this mlm tip in finding three stengths of prospect and one weakness due to the fact that people join others in business and buy their product based on know, like and trust. Trust is one of them! See you at the top! Lawrence Bergfeld Build Your All Star Team Today Lawrence Bergfeld 917-399-6207

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Network Marketing Truth Exposed On Using Your Subconcious Mind Properly

The way you use the network marketing truth exposed on using your subconcious mind properly is to ask yourself if you are lying about something to yourself or are you telling yourself the truth. Ken Klemn hits the nail on the head with that! MENTALLY FIT Darkness is the ABSENCE of light. Cold is the absence of heat. Neither darkness nor cold have sources, origins or generators. They are NOTHING. Likewise, LACK is the absence of PROSPERITY or ABUNDANCE. Weakness is the absence of POWER. There are no stores warehousing either Lack or Weakness. They are Nothing. The remedy for Darkness is to apply the tiniest bit of Light - it obliterates Darkness. The remedy for Cold is Heat. The remedy for Lack is to embrace Abundance and Prosperity. The remedy for Weakness is to acquire POWER. Physical Power is obtained by exercising the muscles against resistence. Mental Power grows from exercising the MIND - simply THINKING. Here is the boggle... We build ourselves over entirely every eleven months, so we can say we are really only eleven months old at any time. If we build the same defects back into ourselves year after year, then we have no one to blame but ourselves for our condition. We are the sum total of our own thoughts. Unfortunately, in school we were not taught HOW to think – only WHAT to think. We learned reading, writing, arithmetic and the basics of history and science through REPETITION. We learned the applied knowledge skills such as cooking, sewing, typing, woodworking, auto repair, etc. through REPEATED practice. With sufficient practice, we reach the highest level of competence: Unconscious Competence. The SUBCONSCIOUS part of us performs the skills without our Conscious effort, just as we breathe and beat our hearts. We learned our theological BELIEFS through REPEATED SUGGESTION in church, schul or mosque. ALL Beliefs are programmed in our SUBCONSCIOUS via Repeated suggestion. We will believe LIES when we hear AND REPEAT them often enough. For example, even today many folks Believe destruction is the proper route to Harmony, World Peace and Enlightenment. ALL our gut reactions and decisions are determined by our Emotional FEELINGS. Our Feelings are generated by our Belief Patterns. To change the way we react or decide, we must change the way we Feel. Thus, we must change our Beliefs. We create NEW Beliefs the same way we received our existing ones. PREDOMINANT ATTITUDE Attitude is simply the direction in which something leans. Our Mental Attitude determines how we filter and react to new SUGGESTIONS. Predominant means, “MOST of the time.” It’s okay to sway when hit by as strong gust of wind, as long as You lean the way You want to most of the time. The MAIN role of SELF-TALK is to guide Your Predominant Attitude. This is KEY before You can practice and MASTER the Skills of Visualization, Imagination, Organized Planning, Sex Transmutation, and the Sixth Sense. It also KEY in inducing PERSISTENT BELIEF, DESIRE and FAITH - and Vibrating WITH the MASTERMIND. Self-Talk is NOT the same as Your daily goal statement as outlined in Chapter 2 of TGR. Self-Talk is mainly an ongoing Attitude course correction. I know folks who set aside time each morning and/or evening for Self-Talk during their daily meditation, walk, gym workout or commute. I’m certain they have a great Attitude during the days’ bookends, but what about MOST of the day? I have posted sheets everywhere that say in big, bold print, “I AM WHOLE, PERFECT, STRONG, POWERFUL, LOVING, HARMONIOUS AND HAPPY.” These remind me to adjust my course throughout the day. Your Friend and Servant, Ken Klemm - Florida, USA P.S. Your Subconscious will probably cry, “Bullshit!” when You first begin to reprogram it. This is normal. It will accept whatever You have CHOSEN the same way You got all Your existing Beliefs - through PERSISTENT REPEATED SUGGESTION. Remember, You build POWER through repeated exercise against resistence. Avoid letting this network marketing truth exposed pass you by or else other people who utilize it will be way ahead of you in business and in life! Lawrence Bergfeld

                                                                              Lawrence Bergfeld

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