Friday, April 24, 2015

Top MLM Leadership Tip On Being Intentional Today

A top mlm leadership tip on being intentional today is being clear on what you want and having a plan of action to accomplish it. You must be clear on what you want to achieve by 110%. You must say this is it I am doing it NOW because if you do not then you are much less likely to accomplish what you want.

Henry Ford wanted to build a V-8 motor so he did it. Edwin Barnes wanted to be business partner of Thomas Edison so he did it. They were not given any promises for anything. Henry Ford was not given any promises or anything and had plenty of Obstacles. Edwin Barnes had obstacles as well by not knowing Edison and not having the money to go to Orange NJ. But he had the desire to burn all bridges and tell himself there is no going back "I am going to be Thomas Edisons business partner." It took him over five years and Edison chose him over the others because he sold the Ediphone what Thomas Edison invented while the other employees were playing cards!

Now just take action and apply the mlm leadership tip on being intentional today!

Lawrence Bergfeld

Turn MLM Failure Into Massive Success Today
Lawrence Bergfeld

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Exclusive MLM Truth Revealed On Impact Today

Today I listened to a training call by Richard Dennis and the most important part of your future in mlm is to have an impact of lots and lots of people. It will be very difficult to do so without that. A person needs to become a specialist at doing videos using Fiver because this year 2015 70% of online traffic is done by video and by 2017 its going to be 80%. And those who miss out on it get left behind.

Another thing is creating your Amazon best selling e-book. That is another wave of the future. People will be hungry for skills and how to find a constant stream of prospects. When they see you with your e-book they will look at you as someone whom they want to learn from NOT just another networker on the block. Amazon will one day have more traffic than google and we want to go through the challenges on getting our stuff there on Amazon and becoming the experts at it. We will hire someone to publish and write the books.

Richard Dennis made an impact on people by creating a cassette tape on Dead Doctors Don't Lie and people would contact him as if he were his long lost brother. They then teamed up with him as business partners and he sponsored them. Another one was Tomato Warnings too. That was the technology back then.

Point is that people will have to come to you just like they did for Richard Dennis. The people at his company convention back in 1995 instead of going to lunch 90% of them during lunch break were chatting with him and skipped their lunch.

Now its time for you to use the mlm truth revealed on impact or keep on treading water.

Lawrence Bergfeld

Turn MLM Failure Into Massive Success Today
Lawrence Bergfeld

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Top MLM Secret On Belief Today

The top mlm secret on belief today is to think that its possible to get results and more importantly ACT on it right away. Even though the following people were around before mlm existed we could still learn from them how to develop our belief system. Edwin Barnes and Henry Ford did. And Uncle Darby learned from his mistake of quitting 3 feet from gold and made millions. I learned from Uncle Darby never to quit because I could be 3 feet from gold.

Think and Grow Rich Chapter 1 by Napoleon Hill Thoughts are things

Thoughts are things and very important things and it's essential that we have the proper thoughts ,and this really means that were in the right frame of mind and always think positive no matter wh

There were several occasions in the chapter that showed us how you can see your thoughts come through to reality , In the first one about Edison and Barnes and how this came to being ,as the story has it that Edison the inventor created the Ediphone in his laboratory and as were told Barnes had his thoughts on going into business with Edison and not merely as an employee but as a business partner , Barnes traveled across the country as a stowaway on a freight train as he even hadn't the fare to go to Orange County ,
When the ediphone was complete and ready for market none of his employees could see that this would sell then Barnes steped in and offered his services to Edison to sell his merchandise and such was his success that he was made the distributor for the machine nationwide and made over 3 million dollars .
So then The slogan went manufactured by Edison and installed by Barnes .

The second story in the chapter was about the gold mine ,it showed us how the Darby found the gold mine then went back to his family and friends to get the finances to get his machinery to extract the goldp from the mine but after a short while the gold mine dried up and he gave up ,sold all is machinery to the scrap merchant and spent many years paying back the borrowed money , but the scrap merchant had his positive thoughts about the situation and went to get a engineer to get the mine checked out and it showed that the next run of gold was just 3 feet away and then he made his fortune .

The next story really stuck with me it's when the little coloured girl starred out the plantation master to get what she wanted ,at first she went to the masters house and asked him for 50 cents for her mother and was told to go but all she did was say Yas Sa . but didn't move and after awhile the master again told her to leave but she just starred him down again and eventually he told her get out or that he would take a switch to her and his nephew thought that there was going to be a murder ,as the master approached the little girl to trow her out he suddenly stopped and put his hand his pocket and gave the girl the 50 cents and she just backed to the door and she left with her money ,and as his nephew said he sat just looking out into space for over 10 minutes with the shock that he just got from the little girl .

The the story of Henry Ford had thoughts of the 8 cellender engine block , and the engineers that were working with Ford told him that it was not possible to make such an engine but Ford stuck with his positive thoughts and after over a year the secret came to the team and Ford got what he had waited for and the rest is history .

So as Hill said ( You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul ) and if you really desire what you want it will show up maybe not in the guise that you were expecting but will come .

Your humble servant
Paddy lane

If we do not use this mlm secret on belief today then it is our loss.

Lawrence Bergfeld

Turn MLM Failure Into Massive Success Today
Lawrence Bergfeld

Top MLM Truth Revealed On Targeting Market

The top mlm truth revealed on targeting the market is the following: I listened to a call featuring Michael Dlouhy & Richard Dennis on having a SYSTEM to find people who want what you have rather than chasing friends and family.
Think about this: Michael Dlouhys family did not believe in life insurance so he never spoke to them on it. He targeted the market by placing an ad in the paper. The ad created interest and people were calling him day and night. While he was filling out the paperwork in getting people signed up to be customers of life insurance they were already asking if they could make an appointment for their sister, cousin, father..etc. He built a business for 2 years and then retired from it. Of course he could not do it by himself so he had to sponsor people too. Where did the people whom he sponsor come from? They were customers of his companys product and they asked him if they could sell life insurance as well? Then Michael replied "Yeah you can!" Michael Dlouhy did not put an ad in the paper that I am looking for distributors.
Here at Mentoring For Free we target the market as well. We find people who are looking for us. Because friends and family do not duplicate. My friends and family are different from your friends and family. It positions you as a desperate peddler instead of being a helpful expert.
If you would like to get plugged into the Mentoring For Free System to find your five key leaders who are more likely to turn massive failure into massive success then click on the link on the left side of the page! The price you pay without using the Mentoring For Free System is failure because without it you are NOT using the mlm truth revealed on targeting the market!

Lawrence Bergfeld

Turn MLM Failure Into Massive Success Today
Lawrence Bergfeld

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Top Network Marketing Secret Regarding Fear Elimination Today

This is how Steve Porter eliminates fear, if you want to learn the network marketing secret on it then read on! It is unneccessary to go through the same fears he went through.

Hill writes in this Chapter about the 6 ghosts of fear and how to outwit
or outsmart them. Hill describes these 6 ghosts of fear as follows:
1) The fear of poverty; 2) The fear of criticism; 3) The fear of ill health;
4) The fear of the loss of love of someone; 5) The fear of old age; and
6) The fear of death.

Hill also writes that fears are nothing more than states of mind and since
fears are states of mind, our states of mind may be controlled and directed.

Before joining Mentoring For Free, I had the following fears: 1) I did fear
poverty or at least I feared not having enough money. 2) I did fear
criticism because I was concerned with what others thought of me.
3) I feared becoming ill and having a terminal illness that would shorten my
years. 4) I feared losing my marriage. I feared living alone. 5) I feared
becoming old and not being able to work and to produce. 6) I feared
death. I sometimes would cancel trips because of all of the "what if's"
going on in my mind.

But, now, after having remained plugged into Mentoring For Free since
September 2, 2010, just 4 plus years later, I am very proud to announce
and share with you that I now have no fears. I no longer fear poverty. I
no longer fear not having enough money. Why? Because of my positive
and empowering self-talk. I now know that I may create income whenever
I choose to do so. I know that I have money flowing to me easily and
consistently from the north, south, east, and west from expected and
unexpected sources. I no longer fear criticism. I don't even think about
what others may think of me. Why? Because, Michael Dlouhy has taught
me that it is none of my business what others think of me and that what
is, instead, my business is what I think of myself.
I no longer fear ill health. Why? Because, I have
learned how to take better care of myself. Now there is no reason I
should ever become ill. I now know that I will never have a terminal
illness. This is what I believe. I self-talk myself into great health.

I have had 2 marriages end in divorce. This used to be a big deal to me.
I used to feel like a failure. But, not anymore. Why? Because, it takes
two. It was not all my fault. It was partly my fault. I have accepted
the fact that I participated in the failures of my marriages and I have
prayed and repented and been forgiven. I don't have to punish myself
anymore. I admire happy successful marriages like the one Michael and
Linda Dlouhy enjoy. I believe that I may have one also some day. But,
for now, as Hill describes, I have learned how to be happy and content
being by myself. I am almost 57 years young. When I look back over
the course of my life, I realize that I have lived by myself for only 3
of my 57 years. No wonder it took me some time getting comfortable
living by myself. It was new to me.

I no longer fear old age nor death. Why? Because of my self-talk and my
faith. I understand that my physical body may be no more someday.
But, I also believe that my spirit will live forever. I am no longer fearful
of becoming too old to work or to produce. Why? Because, I am
becoming wealthy. I am learning how to make money work for me
instead of me having to work for money.

Self-talk and faith have allowed me to conquer each and every one of
the 6 ghosts of fear Hill describes. I had faith before I discovered
Mentoring For Free. What I lacked was self-talk. I was not familiar with
self-talk before I discovered Mentoring For Free. Now, my self-talk is
my trusted friend. I visit this trusted friend daily. It has become a
natural part of who I am. I do nothing now without self-talking myself
first. And, self-talk has made all the difference for me in both my life
and my business!

Steve Porter - Hannibal, Missouri, USA -

P.S. Do not do as I did and dismiss or take for granted what Michael
Dlouhy teaches us about self-talk. I now understand what Michael is
teaching. If you are not yet having the success you desire in your life
and in your network marketing business, then I challenge you to learn
more about what positive and empowering self-talk can do for you!

This network marketing secret will be worth to you if you use it!

Lawrence Bergfeld

Turn MLM Failure Into Massive Success Today
Lawrence Bergfeld