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Top MLM Secret On Belief Today

The top mlm secret on belief today is to think that its possible to get results and more importantly ACT on it right away. Even though the following people were around before mlm existed we could still learn from them how to develop our belief system. Edwin Barnes and Henry Ford did. And Uncle Darby learned from his mistake of quitting 3 feet from gold and made millions. I learned from Uncle Darby never to quit because I could be 3 feet from gold.

Think and Grow Rich Chapter 1 by Napoleon Hill Thoughts are things

Thoughts are things and very important things and it's essential that we have the proper thoughts ,and this really means that were in the right frame of mind and always think positive no matter wh

There were several occasions in the chapter that showed us how you can see your thoughts come through to reality , In the first one about Edison and Barnes and how this came to being ,as the story has it that Edison the inventor created the Ediphone in his laboratory and as were told Barnes had his thoughts on going into business with Edison and not merely as an employee but as a business partner , Barnes traveled across the country as a stowaway on a freight train as he even hadn't the fare to go to Orange County ,
When the ediphone was complete and ready for market none of his employees could see that this would sell then Barnes steped in and offered his services to Edison to sell his merchandise and such was his success that he was made the distributor for the machine nationwide and made over 3 million dollars .
So then The slogan went manufactured by Edison and installed by Barnes .

The second story in the chapter was about the gold mine ,it showed us how the Darby found the gold mine then went back to his family and friends to get the finances to get his machinery to extract the goldp from the mine but after a short while the gold mine dried up and he gave up ,sold all is machinery to the scrap merchant and spent many years paying back the borrowed money , but the scrap merchant had his positive thoughts about the situation and went to get a engineer to get the mine checked out and it showed that the next run of gold was just 3 feet away and then he made his fortune .

The next story really stuck with me it's when the little coloured girl starred out the plantation master to get what she wanted ,at first she went to the masters house and asked him for 50 cents for her mother and was told to go but all she did was say Yas Sa . but didn't move and after awhile the master again told her to leave but she just starred him down again and eventually he told her get out or that he would take a switch to her and his nephew thought that there was going to be a murder ,as the master approached the little girl to trow her out he suddenly stopped and put his hand his pocket and gave the girl the 50 cents and she just backed to the door and she left with her money ,and as his nephew said he sat just looking out into space for over 10 minutes with the shock that he just got from the little girl .

The the story of Henry Ford had thoughts of the 8 cellender engine block , and the engineers that were working with Ford told him that it was not possible to make such an engine but Ford stuck with his positive thoughts and after over a year the secret came to the team and Ford got what he had waited for and the rest is history .

So as Hill said ( You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul ) and if you really desire what you want it will show up maybe not in the guise that you were expecting but will come .

Your humble servant
Paddy lane

If we do not use this mlm secret on belief today then it is our loss.

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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