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Exclusive Network Marketing Secret Revealed On Organized Planning

Here is a synopsis of the exclusive network marketing secret revealed on organized planning, it will work only if you use it!

The only way to get out of poverty is to create a plan of action & then just do the necessary activities that will move you towards your goals. If you are not getting the results that you want then change your plans. Avoid being a Samuel Insuill. None of this has to do with your college degrees.

As I said many times in the last few years I have two bachelors degrees. One in accounting & the other one in finance. And I am not paid what I am worth. That is a prime example of Napoleon Hills Truth. People who had a better education than Henry Ford lived in poverty because they have planned to fail due to the fact that their plan of action was missing. Take for instance a plan of action for a day.

Do the things that you can't stand doing first then do all the fun stuff! Add new things to your activities as well. That is specifically what other people in your mastermind group are doing today and mainly what they are getting results with. Abandon anything that does not work and whatever has nothing to do with building your business.

This is network marketing. NOT net play or net easy marketing. We are all looking for our five key leaders especially right now. And for that matter it means we have to become excellent at building relationships. Now this industry is in momemtum and we can't afford to spend time with the wrong people nor begging people to join. We want leaders who take initiative get results and teach others how to repeat exactly what they have accomplished.

Like that we will reach our goals sooner than we think. You want to say "I am glad I did" NOT "I wish I had."

Now it is time to apply & teach the exclusive network marketing secret revealed on organized planning so that they can take massive action and accomplish their goals!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Utilizing Champion Network Marketing Truth Exposed On Organized Planning Today

Would it be okay if you could have a mastermind group to teach
you how to utilize the champion network marketing truth exposed
on organized planning today? If you do then apply and teach what
Russ Aker is telling you hear because you will learn how to control
your mind in order to focus on accomplishing your goals.

Persistent positive thought toward a desired idea or goal
mixed with definiteness of purpose will cause one to
manifest their destiny. Everything man creates or
acquires begins as thought for a personal need, created
through a burning Desire. THOUGHTS are Things.

In attaining our Desire, we must have Faith. Faith is the
visualization of, and Belief in the attainment of Desire. I
am what I say I am. I have what I say I have regardless
of the current evidence.

Autosuggestion is how we exercise control of our mind?
We do it by being aware, sometimes known as "seeing
or being awake" to the information presented to us and
"consciously" allowing only that which we want entry.

Successful men and women never stop acquiring
Specialized Knowledge related to their major purpose
or “why”. That purpose creating the Desire to manifest
their dreams to a physical reality.

If our passion for that which is Imagine wells up in us as
a Burning Desire followed by our PLANS and ACTIONS
we will with PERSISTENCE manifest that reality we Desire.

ORGANIZED PLANNING – “Mentoring for Free” has a
complete “organized plan” for all participants of the
master mind group. It is called the Recipe. There is a
complete check list in the “toolkit” at MFF Pro with a
step by step recipe so you won’t get left behind. The
checklist and recipe offer direction for all the practical
and specialized instruction one needs for success in any
5-Pillar network marketing opportunity. We have
additional specialized live interactive instruction on our
mastermind training calls offered five days a week
several times a day, most calls recorded for further
reference. The only things required of us as individuals
are to participate assimilate & activate the information
and training through a “DAILY PLAN”, and
enthusiastically apply Action, creating that which we

For additional information about Mentoring for Free and
how you can attain the book “Success in 10 Steps”,
contact the person who shared this blog with you…so
you don’t get left behind.

If you are coachable then my team and I can show you how
to use the network marketing truth exposed on organized planning.

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Exclusive Network Marketing Secret Revealed On A Remarkable Product Today

An exclusive network marketing secret revealed is that a person in network marketing today must have a remarkable product or else they will lose their prospects to the competition. A remarkable product is a product that prospects would buy without being a distributor of a network marketing company. They would buy it month after month and year after year. It would be a product that they could not live without.

Take for instance nutritional products. People consume it every single month and when they are satisified with the results that they are having from using the products they tell their friends about it. And because their friends can see that they have an emotional attachment to the product they ask them where can they order from it. Imagine that one of your customers told 24 other people of the results he or she has with the product and lets say half of them become your loyal customer. That is 12 more customers for you!

If your sponsor is asking you to make a list of you friends and family when you sign up for building a business. Run! Here is the reason why you should do that. He is telling you to make a list of your friends and family in order for you to get them into their deal. That is no different from you opening up a Mc Donalds down the street and telling your family "Hey I just opened up a new McDonalds, would you like to open up yours?" If you do that then they will be done with you.

On the other hand if you just say "I just started my own business." And then they ask you what is your business and you reply "I have an online health and nutrition store." Then they ask you what products do you have? Then share with them a link to your website so that they can look at it and or give them a brochure. Follow up with them within 48 hours, latest 72 hours because you do not want to give it more than 3 days to follow up because then they forget about it. If you leave a message that is okay as well, because at least you followed up with them.

The best way to follow up is by asking questions and listening to their answers. That is how you build rapport with your prospects. Here is a good follow up question. "What product would you like to know more about?" Then listen to them to what they want and be a professional pointer by pointing the product out to them.

Last but not least about this network marketing secret revealed on a remarkable product to remember is that they less you talk and the more you listen the more influence you will have and therefore the more likely someone will be your customer!!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Top MLM Leadership Tip On Successfully Duplicating Results Correctly Today

Here is the top mlm leadership tip on successfully duplicating results today: It is sponsoring someone into the business and letting him do his favorite activity! Lets say you have sponsored a Tom Big Al Schrieter into your business. Tom Big Al Schrieter cannot even stand using the telephone. He likes talking to people face to face.
Now lets assume that your favorite activity is talking to people on the telephone and you do not want to go to the coffee shop or anywhere else in town to meet new people and when Tom Big Al Schrieter is ready to join your business you tell him were going to use the phone tonight to contact people. Tom Big Al Schrieter will be gone! That is because he can not stand calling people on the telephone.
What you need to do when sponsoring a new person into your business is to be a professional pointer by pointing your new business partner to the activity that he likes to do. Back to the Tom Big Al Schrieter example. If you were to sponsor him then you would have to point him to a tool that explains to him how to talk to people face to face. That tool would need to give him a few sentences that will get prospects to say to him, tell me more about the product and the business.
Tom Big Al Schrieter would need to know about the product when he would be talking to his friends and family not the business. Because if he were to talk to his friends and family about the business then they would react to him by thinking that he wants to get them into their deal. That would cause him to alienate themselves from him.
Remember to use this mlm leadership tip on duplicating results letting your new business partner to the activity that he feels comfortable with NOT what you want him to do!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Exclusive Network Marketing Tip on attracting prospects to you

An exclusive network marketing tip on attracting prospects to you is to make it about them. There is an old saying that people do not care how much you know about something, unless they see that you care about them. Avoid using the words, I and me. Tom Big Al Schrieter says that prospects do not care how great your opportunity is, they care about their problems. Therefore if you are making it about yourself then do yourself a favor and stop it! A prospect has things he needs to do in his life and things that he wants to do with his life. Does your prospect need to pay taxes? Yes. Does he want to pay taxes? No but he does it anyway because if he doesn't he will get in trouble. Does your prospect need to go to the dentist? Yes, Does he want to go to the dentist? No. If you solve other peoples problems then your problems will disappear. How do you accomplish that?
Harry Browne says find out what people want and help them get it.

Here is what a prospect has when there is a problem.

1. Does a prospect have a problem to solve?

2. Are you able to solve it?

3. Does the prospect want to solve the problem?

4. And most important does he want to solve the problem with you?

To use the exclusive network marketing tip here is question number four because the only way you will benefit from using this article is if he wants to solve it with you, that can happen if he knows you by you learning a little bit about each other, likes you because you are easy to get along with, and main thing is trusts you because you are certain in what you are talking about and you do what you say that you will do!!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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You Either Attract People Or You Repel Them

You Either Attract People Or You Repel Them: You must remember is that you either attract people or you repel people. No other way around that... You Either Attract People Or You Repel Them