Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Exclusive Network Marketing Secret Revealed On Organized Planning

Here is a synopsis of the exclusive network marketing secret revealed on organized planning, it will work only if you use it!

The only way to get out of poverty is to create a plan of action & then just do the necessary activities that will move you towards your goals. If you are not getting the results that you want then change your plans. Avoid being a Samuel Insuill. None of this has to do with your college degrees.

As I said many times in the last few years I have two bachelors degrees. One in accounting & the other one in finance. And I am not paid what I am worth. That is a prime example of Napoleon Hills Truth. People who had a better education than Henry Ford lived in poverty because they have planned to fail due to the fact that their plan of action was missing. Take for instance a plan of action for a day.

Do the things that you can't stand doing first then do all the fun stuff! Add new things to your activities as well. That is specifically what other people in your mastermind group are doing today and mainly what they are getting results with. Abandon anything that does not work and whatever has nothing to do with building your business.

This is network marketing. NOT net play or net easy marketing. We are all looking for our five key leaders especially right now. And for that matter it means we have to become excellent at building relationships. Now this industry is in momemtum and we can't afford to spend time with the wrong people nor begging people to join. We want leaders who take initiative get results and teach others how to repeat exactly what they have accomplished.

Like that we will reach our goals sooner than we think. You want to say "I am glad I did" NOT "I wish I had."

Now it is time to apply & teach the exclusive network marketing secret revealed on organized planning so that they can take massive action and accomplish their goals!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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