Sunday, March 30, 2014

Top MLM Leadership Tip On Sponsoring People Today

Here is an mlm leadership tip that I learned last night from my good friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy on sponsoring people. Your prospect is thinking "How can you help me build my business?" Here is the details on how you must make it about him.
Tom Big Al Schreiter says that you must not jump to conclusions by sending him to a website or anything else after you have given your one minute presentation. Because if you do that he will say he will have to think about it and if possible you do not want that to happen if possible. You want to have the dialogue to be continued. I bet you are asking how is that possible?
The answer is asking questions. Because it is no different than when you are selling a product to your prospect. I have learned from Tom Big Al Schreiter and Ken Klemn a very successful network marketer that if you are asking questions and your prospect is giving you answers that lead you into different questions ONLY based on the answers then your prospect is buying. However if you are doing all the talking and dumping information on your prospect, your prospect is thinking "Give me a break."
Here are the questions that must be asked. If you have peeked your prospects interest using the magic sequence of words then you have his attention. Here is how you do it. For example "I just found out how we can earn an extra paycheck each week, if you'd ever like to know how I will be glad to tell you, meanwhile pass the peas." If they say no thank you then leave them alone however if they say tell me more then tell them the following: I can give you a complete presentation but it will take an entire minute, when can you set aside a whole minute? And when they say now give the presentation. When you are done with the presentation and you conclude by saying the rest is up to you, and they reply to you by saying, I have to think about it then tell them the following.
"Great think it over, take all the time you need, but can you do me a favor?, tommorow morning when you get up at 6 am and put the key into the ignition ask yourself do I want to wake up every day in the morning fighting rush hour traffic and is this the car of my dreams?"
Another question they can ask themselves is this by holding their next paycheck from their job up to the light on pay day and asking themselves "Is this all I am worth? And do I want to have a boss to control me for the rest of my life?"
When they reply that they want to know more of your presentation here is what you ask them. What would you like to know next? Repeat that question until there are no more questions that you can answer, or if he asks something that you do not know. Tell him straightforward, "I don't know, but I can find out for you. Would it be okay if I put my mentor/sponsor on the phone to answer that question?" And after you answer all his questions then you ask him at the end "What would you like to do next?" That gets him to make a decision. If he is undecided and comes up with the "I will have to think about it again, then go back to two paragraphs before and ask him that."
I hope you will use the top mlm leadership tip on sponsoring people into your business by making it about them.

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Top MLM Secret Revealed On Being Creative

The following is a crucial mlm secret revealed on being creative.

The main thing is that leaders think outside the box! They do not care how much experience they have. They learn as they go. Andrew Carnegie used a mastermind group to build his empire. If you wait too long to get every single question answered the opportunity will go to someone else.

Imagine being part of a company that had a first to market product. Would you keep it a secret? Of course not. It is no different when Coca Cola came out on the market LONG AGO down in Atlanta by someone who was CREATIVE, don't ask me how but he did it! People were telling each other about it and the company got customers. You are no different. If you have the same opportunity like Coca Cola had then tell everyone!

Another thing is that you have to stop thinking just like the doctor did before there was a college down in the south. For two years he did nothing but think. Then it was time for ACTION. He said he will get the money within 3 days to build the school where people will learn by doing. Others saw the PASSION in his eyes and his enthusaism towards the college. They believed him and he got the money for it!!

The formula for If There Is A Willl There Is A Way did not change! It is still there. If there was no such thing then it would not be put into this book!! DUH!

Lawrence Bergfeld

If you do not use this mlm secret revealed then you will get left behind!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Champion Network Marketing Secret Revealed On Creative Imagination Today

Are you using this champion network marketing secret revealed on creative imagination today? If not then Sandra Cromwell will share with you a blueprint that you can use to get creative and just do it!


Throughout human history, we have done things that "could not be done". Hill cites flight, communication, measuring things beyond our reach and more. How were these "impossible things done? Imagination. Someone imagined it was possible, and made it happen.

Hill tells us that these wondrous things already accomplished are just the elementary uses of imagination! I have to say, that drives me to headaches thinking that I am not using my own imagination enough!

And truly, what needs work is the Creative Imagination. Most of us are already doing what we can to improve what we've already done. We need to get Creative and "think outside the box" - allow our minds to receive the thoughts from the ether. It takes a bit of work to follow the steps outlined in this book, but it is not complicated and leads to being able to use our Creative Imagination.

When we actually think out and WRITE down our Desire, we take the first step to converting it to it's physical counterpart. Have you done this yet? I have, and I made it as clear as possible, not only for me, but for anyone who reads it. In order for our Imagination to collect data from the ether, we MUST be clear about what we want. That is sometimes the hardest part. When I find my mind wandering, or sliding into negativity, I whip that statement out yet again and read it until I SEE, in my mind's eye, what I am working so hard for.

I am still working my J-O-B, and using that money to help pay the bills. Having spent too much in my previous business, my husband put a stop to me using "our" money for "my" business. But as we all know, we have to buy products to qualify for checks. (among other reasons) How was I to get the money for my products in my new business when I just got started? I put doubt aside and, with my "ships burnt" moved forward. I didn't know how, but I KNEW that I would have the money needed. An opportunity came up for a bit of regular side work that pays a bit more than I need for my monthly product orders - problem solved because I refused to give in or give up, and allowed my Imagination to remain open for suggestion.

I am truly grateful that I was led to be a part of this group as it is already changing my entire life from one of desperation and despair into one full of Hope, Desire and Passion for Living.

Sandra Cromwell

If you skip this network marketing secret revealed then you will get left behind!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Exclusive MLM Secret Exposed On Creating Success Today

Tuula Rands teaches you how create your mlm success today and it is up to you to use her exclusive mlm secret exposed or else you will get left behind!

Chapter 5 - Specialized Knowledge

Network Marketing is a wonderful industry. There
is however, one problem that can be huge for a lot
of people, as it was for me - How to make it work!

The odds are stacked against us before we even begin because
statistics tell us that 97% of the people who join
a Network Marketing company fail. So why do people
even join? First off, we don’t know the statistics before
we join and more important we have a dream.
We visualize a life better than we have and are willing
to do something about it.

Somewhere along the line, things don’t go as we had
planned and we recognize the fact that we are failing
in our Network Marketing business. At that point we
make a decision to either quit or find out why it is not
working and what to do about it. We go searching on
the internet.

I recall reading an article in the Network Marketing Magazine
which had a link to an e-book titled “Success in 10 Steps.”
I remember thinking maybe, just maybe, I may find some
answers here. So I requested the e-book and began reading.
It was late Saturday night and once I began reading I could
not stop. I knew in my heart and mind, this was real. All the
problems I encountered in building my business were addressed
in this e-book.

I knew this guy had the answers and I asked my husband to read
the e-book the next day to see what he thought . I did not think anyone
would be calling us and I wanted to check this out so we made the
phone call and to make a long story short, I plugged into the system.
Not perfectly at the beginning but step by step I grasped what I
had on my hands.

So now when I talk with people who download the e-book and
wonder what this System actually does, I tell them “ I joined
four companies and failed miserably until I found the Mentoring
For Free System and took advantage of all the free training. It has
totally changed things for me.”

Mentoring for Free is Specialized knowledge – the kind of knowledge we need so we
do not become the 97% who fail in this industry but we become the
3% who succeed.

Tuula Rands

Now its time for you to use Tuula's mlm secret exposed on creating your success or else it is your loss if you decide not to!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Exclusive MLM Secret Revealed Leading To MLM Success Today

The reason why the exclusive mlm secret revealed leading to mlm success today is positive self talk is because NOBODY ever says any!:) Napoleon Hill says that "If you are influenced by opinions when you reach decisions you will never live your life to the fullest." Therefore we must say our self talk with the positive emotions in mind and ZERO negative emotions. The positive emotions are faith, love, sex, romance, hope, desire, enthusiasm and prosperity.

Mary McLean from Ireland explains the rest of the story so that we can drive away from poverty and have massive mlm success!!


In this chapter Hill tells us that nature has built us so that we have complete control over the material that reaches our subconscious mind through our five senses but we don’t always exercise this control.

This, Hill says, is why so many people go through life in poverty, or at the very least, not acquiring the abundance we can enjoy if we learn to control our subconscious minds.

Through becoming aware of what we are saying and how what we say can affect our lives, we can take control of what we allow into our minds. By doing this we gain more control over our own lives.

And how do we do this? Once again the answer is through regular positive self talk.

So stay away from negativity. Turn off the news, stop reading the newspapers and don’t share negative stories on Facebook or anywhere else.

It’s not easy when we are surrounded by so many negative influences. All the more reason to be sure to take part in this weekly mastermind group where negativity is not allowed and positivity is encouraged.

Thank you Michael and Linda for setting up this wonderful group of like-minded positive people.

Mary McLean, Ireland

Turn your life around by saying your self talk at least 100 times a day just like I do and thousands of others do!! Without using this mlm secret revealed the gate is open to pukers, therefore close it with self talk!!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Champion MLM Truth Exposed On Programming Subconscious Mind Correctly Today

Loddi Micucci gives the reason why autosuggestion is the champion mlm truth exposed on prgramming your subconscious mind correctly today, if we decide to skip saying our self talk then we have been making wishes NOT decisions!!

Autosuggestion is the blue print for our subconscious mind to take action.

We have so much power in our subconscious mind.

It can really perform miracles.

It is sheer magic to realize the awe of having something created because our subconscious mind is directed to do it.

Yes it can perform miracles and it does.

It does by this by the messages your allow into it. You have control over this process. How does that make you feel?

Mind of matter is a statement that just resonates so powerfully as I read the incredible message from this chapter.

Talk about being smuks? Our lives are exactly where we have allowed them to be. You cant escape the message here.

Your conscious mind is the gateway to your subconscious mind therefore you control what enters it and what it can create.

You are the captain of your soul and the master of your destiny.

Faith, emotion and believing the above statement is crucial to your attempts to creating the life you want to live.

On the flip side fear, self doubt and indecision lead you to a life of misery.

Think about it.

What has the capacity to have the most impact on you? Is it fear and negativity or love and faith. This is why we are taught to insulate ourselves in a cocoon of positive emotions.

Because no mater how hard you try focus on the positive things in your life the temptation of fear and negativity fire up strong emotions that will be received into your subconscious mind.

These are the messages that we are conditioned to accept as the everyday norm. Life throws so many weeds at us and we allow them to be planted in our garden.

Take stock.

Allow thoughts into your garden that will bloom into beautiful flowers. Keep the weeds out. You are the gardner!

You are armed with faith, belief, persistence, decision making powers, and a conscious mind to control what enters your garden.

What do you want your garden to look like?

I can visualize the gardens of all the mentoring for free gardeners.

Their attention to detail is faultless.

They work hard all day long.

Their soil is fertile and tended with care.

All the flowers are blooming and the scenery is stunning as the kaleidoscope of colour shines like a beacon in the barren waste lands.

Believe it can be so and it will.

Pleased to be a mentoring for free gardener.

Loddy Micucci.

Now it is time for us to utilize the mlm truth exposed on programming your subconscious mind by being clear on what we want by picturing every single detail of what we want and acting on it because if we do not do that then opportunity will go to other people instead of us!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Saturday, March 8, 2014

MLM Secret Revealed On Using Phrase Reason Why Today

This evening I have learned from Richard Dennis the mlm secret revealed on the reason why using the phrase "reason why" is so crucial to your success in mlm is because you want prospects to say yes to you in whatever you want them to do. It is very important to say those words to your prospects as well as because due to the fact that you have no credibility in their eyes and when you say those words backed up with facts your prospects are much more likely to take action.
Now it is time to use this mlm secret revealed online and offline because if you do not then you may as well say good bye to your prospect right now.

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Champion MLM Secret Revealed On The Main Reason Why People Join People Not Companies

The champion mlm secret revealed on the main reason why people join people not companies is as follows:


Tom "Big Al" Schreiter here.

There are only three reasons why people join.

* They don't join because of the products, even though they are great.

* They don't join because of the compensation plan, even though it's great.

* They don't join because the owner is wonderful.

If you understand the three reasons people join, then network marketing gets easy.

The three reasons people join are:

1. They know you.
2. They like you.
3. They trust you.

Need proof?

What if your products were half-price? Now, knock on someone's door at 4 AM to sell them your wonderful product at half-price, and well ... they won't be liking you. No sale.

You and I don't buy from people we don't like unless we are desperate. Think about where you like to do business. Do you like the people at that business?

People make a decision on our business based upon their trust in you. They can't know enough facts to make an intelligent decision on our opportunity, so they depend on your judgment.

* A doctor can pick up the telephone and 10 people will give him their credit card numbers over the telephone.

* The midwife of 40 years in the community will sponsor almost everyone she talks to.

* The farmer who everyone knows is honest will sponsor almost everyone he talks to.

* The service man who has worked in the community for years will have an easy time introducing people to the business.

These people have already done the work. They have built relationships and trust. They don't have to go out and build new friends. They simply have to collect for their previous years of work.

Now, the 21-year-old who moves to a new community and tries to sponsor strangers in the shopping mall has a disadvantage. He hasn't had time to build trust and relationships with his prospects.

Or, the salesman who cheated his customers will have to start over, making new relationships.

Or, the tradesman who is unfriendly and rude will have few people that know, like or trust him.

Since people join because of you, here is a question:

"Is success in network marketing in finding the right person, or in being the right person?"

The answer is obvious.

So more important than presentations or company videos is the power to create rapport and trust.

If you want to improve that skill for just a few dollars, check out "How to Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence and Rapport" at:

Other countries: Please visit your local Amazon site.

Now it is time to use this mlm secret revealed or else you are toast!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Top Network Marketing Truth Exposed On Faith Today

My opinion of Brian Redding's lesson on the top network marketing truth exposed on faith today is that people must say their self talk and do what they are supposed to do today so that tommorow they can have what others can't. If they do that then they will be on their way.

Faith is the necessary ingredient to making our desires into burning white hot desires. Without hope, our desires are more like wishes or dreams. If we all do not believe we will achieve our desires then we will never achieve them and they will always remain as wishes or dreams.

By strengthening our faith, we gain confidence in ourselves. We start believing in ourselves and we believe that we can achieve anything that we desire. It is the missing link between making our dreams, hopes and wishes into burning white hot desires.

Now where do we get our faith from and how do we strengthen it? Great question you may be asking yourselves. Our faith comes from Infinite Intelligence. We get our faith by doing our self-talk. By adding the faith we have into our self-talk, our self-talk not only becomes stronger but our faith grows as well.

There are days that go by when I do not do my self-talk. Even though I am focusing on my daily goals, there are times when I put my self-talk on the back burner and it does not get done. Being so busy helping people in the Mentoring for Free system and the people who have downloaded our e-Book to reach their goals, often keeps me from getting to do my self-talk. I need to schedule a time slot to do my self-talk.

So Andy Chaudhary, we will not be doing any training anymore at 4:00 pm. You are on your own and I wish you the best of luck. I am only joking Andy. I will find another time to do my self-talk so I will always help you to achieve your goals.

I must awake every morning an hour earlier like at 5:00 am like I did this morning to write my lesson plan. I had to do that because I am still procrastinating (but that is from another chapter). I know that I am getting a handle on my procrastination because I am procrastinating less and less. So I am starting on doing my self-talk every morning at 5:00 am until I get more organized with all my daily and weekly tasks.

They never said that becoming a leader and a better person would be easy. To master anything will take about 10,000 hours of dedicated work. But I have never been afraid of work and I am very dedicated to everything that I do, so I am well on my way of becoming a professional Network Marketer.

What makes thinks easier for me is that I love my work. I love learning new things. I love teaching and helping people. I was created to become a professional Network Marketer. I am now a professional Network Marketer and I believe that I will get better.

My belief is strong but it will get stronger by doing my self-talk.

Thanks to Michael and Linda Dlouhy for always believing in all of us and showing us all the way to believe in ourselves.

Brian Redding in Chicago

Remember that the top network marketing truth exposed on faith is believing something before you see it happen just like the Wright Brothers believed that the airplane would be a means of transportation around the world!!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Sunday, March 2, 2014

MLM Tip On Your Subconscious MInd

Tuula Rands describes a great mlm tip on programming your subconcious mind for success today. There is an old saying what you think about you bring about. Therefore program yourself for success by autosuggestion which is self talk. When your self talk is emotional it reaches your subconscious mind like a story would.

Chapter 3 - Faith

Hill writes “Stated in the words of a
famous criminologist, “When men first come into contact with crime, they
abhor it. If they remain in contact with crime for a time, they become
accustomed to it, and endure it. If they remain in contact with it long
enough, they finally embrace it, and become influenced by it.”

This is the equivalent of saying that any impulse of thought which is
repeatedly passed on to the subconscious mind is, finally, accepted and
acted upon by the subconscious mind, which proceeds to translate that
impulse into its physical equivalent, by the most practical procedure

The key for me here is when we through repetition of our self talk
finally ACCEPT and ACT upon what we are telling ourselves it is only
then that our desire will translate into its physical equivalent.

So I ask myself, when I say my self talk have I truly accepted the fact
that the outcome is attainable for me? Is my belief in myself strong enough
to accept I am worthy? Do I let others influence my thinking or do I
think for myself?

If I have not accepted the fact that success is possible for me, do I
really believe and have faith or am I just going through the motions
hoping and wishing it will happen by chance.

Faith is not a wishy washy emotion. True faith is solid, sure and

If I have true faith in the belief that I will succeed as I tell myself in
my self talk “ I will walk the walk and talk the talk. “ I will not wait
for things to happen by chance I will create the chances knowing in
my heart success is there waiting for me.

Here at Mentoring for Free we get to associate not with criminals
and become like them, we get to associate with brilliant people
on the way to being successful in our personal lives as well
as in our businesses. We follow the steps of successful leaders who have
gone before us and paved the way.

As I read in the paragraph at the beginning, "If the criminals remain
in contact with crime for a time, they become accustomed to it, and endure it.
If they remain in contact with it long
enough, they finally embrace it, and become influenced by it.”

If we remain in contact with Mentoring for Free long enough, we will
finally embrace it principles, and become influenced by it.
As we have heard on many of the calls, stay close to the fire, plug into
the system, participate, be here a year from now. This is our
faith building system to grow our business.

As we continue to accept our self talk as real and act on what we know,
our faith will grow as we reach and embrace our desires.

Stop being wishy washy and use this mlm tip to program your subconscious mind for success today.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Top Network Marketing Truth Exposed On Dropping Your Agenda Immediately

Tonight I have listened to the top network marketing truth exposed on dropping your agenda immediately and it means to stop whatever you are doing and listen to your prospect. Whatever you want does not exist.
Put your goals to the side and focus on what the prospect wants because if you do not then you have an agenda. Your prospect will realize it and he will not want to do business with you anymore.
So how do you know if you are listening to your prospect or not? Michael Dlouhy asks his downline and other people who are listening to his live leads call's on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday the following question: What did you feel? Did your hair stand up? Did you feel any gratitude? Have you felt dead air space, like you had to push up a wet rope up a hill. Have you felt any positive energy?
It is not about getting the person into your deal because you do not want to sponsor someone whom you do not want to go on a 30 day cruise with. You want to sponsor someone whom you enjoy hanging out with and feel good in the persons presence. Because you will forget what someone said or did to you and you will never forget how they have made you feel.
If you have felt that your hair stood up then you have been dealing with a red personality, that is the personality who wants to control the conversation, be the boss. He says that it is my way or the highway and do it like this or forget it.
When you feel that they have gratitude then you are dealing with a yellow personality who is open with their feelings and gives you short answers. They have to remember that they can't take things personal, when someone says no to their opportunity or product they are reject the opportunity or product not them. There are thousands of people who want what they have, they just need to focus on who raises their hand and is willing to just take action!!
The personality who is a green personality is the one whom you have to push up a rope to get answers out of them. They are busy getting more and more information, getting ready to get ready to take action. You do not have to know everything about a subject to get going. Because if you wait for everything to happen then you miss out on the opportunity.
A green has to be the one who is more blue, meaning he takes action and learn things as he goes. Richard Dennis no longer gets ready to get ready, he just takes action to get results. When he needs to find out something he does it, but he reminds himself every single day not to spend too much time on the subject like he used to. Otherwise he would be stuck in his parking space doing nothing for good.
A blue personality is one who needs to slow down the chatter and listen. Tom Big Al Schrieter taught Michael Dlouhy to focus. Michael Dlouhy did a 30 day mental cleanse by reading seven books in a month and slowed down the chatter. That helped him focus.
Do you want to be a mentor with a servants heart? If yes then yourself a favor and apply the top network marketing truth exposed on dropping your agenda immediately and prospects will be knocking on your door asking you to sponsor them into your business!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Top Network Marketing Secret Revealed On Creating Your Visionboard With Faith Today

Ben Drake gives us a blueprint of the top network marketing secret revealed on creating your visionboard with faith today and it will be worth to us if we could take action to accomplish the goals that we have written down!!

Faith is about believing within yourself enough that you can do what you want to do. so the big question is do you believe in yourself, do you believe you can achieve what you want to???? recently a good example of faith has been at own volunteer role. in November I made a decision to go back to marine rescue which had been in the back of own mind for a little bit, yet I had not been ready to do such. when I rang I knew who had to talk to and they rang me back a few days later.

since going back to marine rescue a number of opportunities have opened up first of all after being unable to attend a mess meeting owing to needing to pick up a friend I got told the base was seeking a first aid officer. someone who could do the first aid training for the base, the next morning I rang the unit commander when they were on shift and they were glad to know that I was do such. they were well aware of own training within first aid that had spent 8 years in the field doing first aid even for the olympics. yet also was one of the people who may have been asked to do such.

it was own faith that said to the unit commander that am able to do such, that had the experience to do such for the team. whist the reward would be more than own experience its giving back even more, upon returning to marine rescue one thought was in own head that could easily do the job that it was returning to old position. there was a part of own self that needed to still realise that was still valuable to that team, despite being unable to save the lives on the water as a crew member. that was the toughest lesson needed to learn that despite own health and being unable to physically be there saving the person.

I may be unable to save everyone yet I still can do the best to assist people as needed. another area that have come realise is what really wanted to achieve this year, I had set up a very long range goal without any specific idea of what the short term was right now where I wanted to be in 12 months time. after a little bit I sat down and said this is what want to do within 12 months and set that as own motivation for the next 12 months so here it is.

“1 year from now (10 Feb 2015)

we will be married on Mona Vale headland on a lovely sunny day with a light breeze, Jenny looking outstanding in her wedding dress. been to USA and Canada for our honey moon experiencing a white Christmas, a sleigh ride in the snow, going to Disney land and experiencing all that has to offer, going to Hawaii and experiencing what such has to offer, being pregnant with first child. paying cash for the wedding and honey moon, buying a home of our own in Mona Vale and paying cash, buying what is needed for the kids with cash. having a car each.

for this we will give mentoring coaching and support through education and teamwork, fostering children through the community and adopting children, giving back to the community through marine rescue, aunties and uncles program, train club, world vision and other charaties to the best of own abilities

we believe that we can do this and have the faith that we can do this our faith is strong that we are able to see ourselves married on Mona Vale headland on a lovely sunny day with a light breeze, Jenny looking outstanding in her wedding dress. been to USA and Canada for our honey moon experiencing a white Christmas, a sleigh ride in the snow, going to Disney land and experiencing all that has to offer, going to Hawaii and experiencing what such has to offer, being pregnant with first child. paying cash for the wedding and honey moon, buying a home of our own in Mona Vale and paying cash, buying what is needed for the kids with cash. having a car each.”

now that is where am going to be 12 months time and I am going to make such happen. the events have already started to line up for such and am glad about such, knowing that it will happen.

thank you to the amazing wonderful loving and loving Michael Dlouhy, Ken Klemm and Willena Flewelling for your love guidance support and encouragement. thank you to the mental cleanse community for you encouraging lessons weekly. finally a big thank you the amazing Jenny Harper with your love, support, encouragement, for being there when needed you, for listening when needed a friend.

wishing you all wonderful success, abundant health, life, love and a huge hug
Ben Drake
Mona Vale Sydney NSW Australia

If we do not use this network marketing secret revealed then it is our loss!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld