Saturday, March 1, 2014

Top Network Marketing Truth Exposed On Dropping Your Agenda Immediately

Tonight I have listened to the top network marketing truth exposed on dropping your agenda immediately and it means to stop whatever you are doing and listen to your prospect. Whatever you want does not exist.
Put your goals to the side and focus on what the prospect wants because if you do not then you have an agenda. Your prospect will realize it and he will not want to do business with you anymore.
So how do you know if you are listening to your prospect or not? Michael Dlouhy asks his downline and other people who are listening to his live leads call's on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday the following question: What did you feel? Did your hair stand up? Did you feel any gratitude? Have you felt dead air space, like you had to push up a wet rope up a hill. Have you felt any positive energy?
It is not about getting the person into your deal because you do not want to sponsor someone whom you do not want to go on a 30 day cruise with. You want to sponsor someone whom you enjoy hanging out with and feel good in the persons presence. Because you will forget what someone said or did to you and you will never forget how they have made you feel.
If you have felt that your hair stood up then you have been dealing with a red personality, that is the personality who wants to control the conversation, be the boss. He says that it is my way or the highway and do it like this or forget it.
When you feel that they have gratitude then you are dealing with a yellow personality who is open with their feelings and gives you short answers. They have to remember that they can't take things personal, when someone says no to their opportunity or product they are reject the opportunity or product not them. There are thousands of people who want what they have, they just need to focus on who raises their hand and is willing to just take action!!
The personality who is a green personality is the one whom you have to push up a rope to get answers out of them. They are busy getting more and more information, getting ready to get ready to take action. You do not have to know everything about a subject to get going. Because if you wait for everything to happen then you miss out on the opportunity.
A green has to be the one who is more blue, meaning he takes action and learn things as he goes. Richard Dennis no longer gets ready to get ready, he just takes action to get results. When he needs to find out something he does it, but he reminds himself every single day not to spend too much time on the subject like he used to. Otherwise he would be stuck in his parking space doing nothing for good.
A blue personality is one who needs to slow down the chatter and listen. Tom Big Al Schrieter taught Michael Dlouhy to focus. Michael Dlouhy did a 30 day mental cleanse by reading seven books in a month and slowed down the chatter. That helped him focus.
Do you want to be a mentor with a servants heart? If yes then yourself a favor and apply the top network marketing truth exposed on dropping your agenda immediately and prospects will be knocking on your door asking you to sponsor them into your business!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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