Thursday, March 13, 2014

Exclusive MLM Secret Revealed Leading To MLM Success Today

The reason why the exclusive mlm secret revealed leading to mlm success today is positive self talk is because NOBODY ever says any!:) Napoleon Hill says that "If you are influenced by opinions when you reach decisions you will never live your life to the fullest." Therefore we must say our self talk with the positive emotions in mind and ZERO negative emotions. The positive emotions are faith, love, sex, romance, hope, desire, enthusiasm and prosperity.

Mary McLean from Ireland explains the rest of the story so that we can drive away from poverty and have massive mlm success!!


In this chapter Hill tells us that nature has built us so that we have complete control over the material that reaches our subconscious mind through our five senses but we don’t always exercise this control.

This, Hill says, is why so many people go through life in poverty, or at the very least, not acquiring the abundance we can enjoy if we learn to control our subconscious minds.

Through becoming aware of what we are saying and how what we say can affect our lives, we can take control of what we allow into our minds. By doing this we gain more control over our own lives.

And how do we do this? Once again the answer is through regular positive self talk.

So stay away from negativity. Turn off the news, stop reading the newspapers and don’t share negative stories on Facebook or anywhere else.

It’s not easy when we are surrounded by so many negative influences. All the more reason to be sure to take part in this weekly mastermind group where negativity is not allowed and positivity is encouraged.

Thank you Michael and Linda for setting up this wonderful group of like-minded positive people.

Mary McLean, Ireland

Turn your life around by saying your self talk at least 100 times a day just like I do and thousands of others do!! Without using this mlm secret revealed the gate is open to pukers, therefore close it with self talk!!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld


  1. Nice post, Lawrence! Positive self-talk will take you far.

  2. Thanks Jeanne!! It sure will!!


    Lawrence Bergfeld

  3. Block out negativity with positive self-talk. Great message Lawrence!