Saturday, March 15, 2014

Exclusive MLM Secret Exposed On Creating Success Today

Tuula Rands teaches you how create your mlm success today and it is up to you to use her exclusive mlm secret exposed or else you will get left behind!

Chapter 5 - Specialized Knowledge

Network Marketing is a wonderful industry. There
is however, one problem that can be huge for a lot
of people, as it was for me - How to make it work!

The odds are stacked against us before we even begin because
statistics tell us that 97% of the people who join
a Network Marketing company fail. So why do people
even join? First off, we don’t know the statistics before
we join and more important we have a dream.
We visualize a life better than we have and are willing
to do something about it.

Somewhere along the line, things don’t go as we had
planned and we recognize the fact that we are failing
in our Network Marketing business. At that point we
make a decision to either quit or find out why it is not
working and what to do about it. We go searching on
the internet.

I recall reading an article in the Network Marketing Magazine
which had a link to an e-book titled “Success in 10 Steps.”
I remember thinking maybe, just maybe, I may find some
answers here. So I requested the e-book and began reading.
It was late Saturday night and once I began reading I could
not stop. I knew in my heart and mind, this was real. All the
problems I encountered in building my business were addressed
in this e-book.

I knew this guy had the answers and I asked my husband to read
the e-book the next day to see what he thought . I did not think anyone
would be calling us and I wanted to check this out so we made the
phone call and to make a long story short, I plugged into the system.
Not perfectly at the beginning but step by step I grasped what I
had on my hands.

So now when I talk with people who download the e-book and
wonder what this System actually does, I tell them “ I joined
four companies and failed miserably until I found the Mentoring
For Free System and took advantage of all the free training. It has
totally changed things for me.”

Mentoring for Free is Specialized knowledge – the kind of knowledge we need so we
do not become the 97% who fail in this industry but we become the
3% who succeed.

Tuula Rands

Now its time for you to use Tuula's mlm secret exposed on creating your success or else it is your loss if you decide not to!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld


  1. I would love to read that article. I went to the magazine but could not find it.

  2. It was in an Old Edition. You might be able to find it if you log into the Networking Times as a member.


    Lawrence Bergfeld

  3. Thank you for letting us know about this ebook, Lawrence. It sounds like a valuable thing to read. Take care!

  4. Lawrence I really love this post and you are right making it work is the key that many people miss.

  5. Drill down your knowledge base. Go special to prosper. Good share Lawrence!

  6. Thanks everyone and lets USE what we have learned from our mentors to make it work!

    Lawrence Bergfeld