Sunday, March 30, 2014

Top MLM Leadership Tip On Sponsoring People Today

Here is an mlm leadership tip that I learned last night from my good friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy on sponsoring people. Your prospect is thinking "How can you help me build my business?" Here is the details on how you must make it about him.
Tom Big Al Schreiter says that you must not jump to conclusions by sending him to a website or anything else after you have given your one minute presentation. Because if you do that he will say he will have to think about it and if possible you do not want that to happen if possible. You want to have the dialogue to be continued. I bet you are asking how is that possible?
The answer is asking questions. Because it is no different than when you are selling a product to your prospect. I have learned from Tom Big Al Schreiter and Ken Klemn a very successful network marketer that if you are asking questions and your prospect is giving you answers that lead you into different questions ONLY based on the answers then your prospect is buying. However if you are doing all the talking and dumping information on your prospect, your prospect is thinking "Give me a break."
Here are the questions that must be asked. If you have peeked your prospects interest using the magic sequence of words then you have his attention. Here is how you do it. For example "I just found out how we can earn an extra paycheck each week, if you'd ever like to know how I will be glad to tell you, meanwhile pass the peas." If they say no thank you then leave them alone however if they say tell me more then tell them the following: I can give you a complete presentation but it will take an entire minute, when can you set aside a whole minute? And when they say now give the presentation. When you are done with the presentation and you conclude by saying the rest is up to you, and they reply to you by saying, I have to think about it then tell them the following.
"Great think it over, take all the time you need, but can you do me a favor?, tommorow morning when you get up at 6 am and put the key into the ignition ask yourself do I want to wake up every day in the morning fighting rush hour traffic and is this the car of my dreams?"
Another question they can ask themselves is this by holding their next paycheck from their job up to the light on pay day and asking themselves "Is this all I am worth? And do I want to have a boss to control me for the rest of my life?"
When they reply that they want to know more of your presentation here is what you ask them. What would you like to know next? Repeat that question until there are no more questions that you can answer, or if he asks something that you do not know. Tell him straightforward, "I don't know, but I can find out for you. Would it be okay if I put my mentor/sponsor on the phone to answer that question?" And after you answer all his questions then you ask him at the end "What would you like to do next?" That gets him to make a decision. If he is undecided and comes up with the "I will have to think about it again, then go back to two paragraphs before and ask him that."
I hope you will use the top mlm leadership tip on sponsoring people into your business by making it about them.

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld


  1. Never assume; always listen, then respond. Thanks Lawrence!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Lawrence. This is good advice.

  3. You are welcome everyone!


    Lawrence Bergfeld

  4. Good tips. I always find myself most interested in companies that focus on the product rather than the recruiting. I have found that if a company has great products and people truly love the products they will tell their friends about them. When their friends call you and you find out they were a "referral" from a customer that is a good time to have a conversation with that customer about the money to be made doing what they are already doing.

  5. Product rules!

    Cindy you have made a great point about the referral, however I think it is better when they bring up the subject of earning an extra paycheck each week first because they already are observing what you are doing with them and they are more likely to be coachable.

    Something else to consider, people join people whom they know, like and trust. They do not join companies. If you have to ask anyone to join you then you sound like a closer. And you do not want to close them, you want to open them up.

    Lawrence Bergfeld