Monday, January 27, 2014

Exclusive Home Business Secret Revealed On The Power Of Thought Today

Here is an exclusive home business secret revealed on the power of thought today written by Tuula Rands. What I liked about it is
that it teaches us that we have to have positive thoughts in order for us to be able to be open to new ideas
and stories. Because facts tell and stories sell! And if we can get the ideas from others who got results and use them, then we will be on our way!

Hill tells us the brain is the broadcasting and receiving station of thought
impulses between one person to and from another.

When we understand and learn how to enhance the power of our
broadcasting and receiving station, the more productive
we can be in building our Network Marketing business.

It is the level of our thought vibrations that control what we portray to others
as well as how much we can pick up from their minds.

We control that level by stimulating our emotions and feelings by either
the positive or the negative emotions.

So it goes back to "thoughts are things."

When we talk to people and our thoughts are negative, that negativity is going
come across to the other person and they will react in a negative way.

The same is true with positive thoughts. When we think positive, people
pick up on it and react to us in a positive way.

So when we are out sharing our business or products with people, our
thoughts can be one of the most important tools we have in our tool box.

Ever wonder why sometimes everything goes just perfect and at other times
nothing we do seems to work right.

Could it be that we forgot to prepare and take with us the most
important tool we have – our level of thought?

We are very fortunate, indeed, to have access to all that Mentoring for Free

Mentoring for free is where we “Learn HOW to think, NOT what to

But it is up to each and every one of us, individually, to determine
at what level of thought we are going to live in.

Lets use this home business secret revealed wisely by sharing what we are excited about with others, when we do so then they will want to be a part of our business and our lives!

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Top MLM Secret Exposed On Listening Today

The top mlm secret exposed on listening today is to be here in the NOW and do nothing else while you are having a conversation with someone else. If you are on the phone with someone and at the same time you are checking e-mail or typing up something you are not listening. If you are taking notes while someone is coaching and mentoring you on something that you need to know you are not listening. The only time you are listening to anyone including your prospect is if you are focusing on what he wants to have nothing else. If you make it about you then you have lost him to your competition.
My good friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy mentioned that the only time you take notes is after you had the conversation with your prospect on the phone and after you had the conversation with him and he is gone. That way you will have a recap of what he talked about and you will be able to put on paper what you learned from him.
This mlm secret exposed will work if you use it because to know and not to use is not to know.

Lawrence Bergfeld

Generate The Best Leads Today
Lawrence Bergfeld

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Network Marketing Secret Revealed On Feeding The Subconscious Mind

Here is a big network marketing secret revealed on feeding the subconscious mind that I wrote in my lesson plan from Chapter 12 in Napoleon Hills book Think And Grow Rich.

There can't be a single negative thought in our mind because then it is over. We must have the seven positive emotions in our mind at all times. Faith, Love, Sex, Desire, Hope, Romance, Enthusiasm and Prosperity. Our mind is like a garden, we can plant in it junk food or we can plant nutrients. What seeds are you planting?

Remember that if a dog can sense that his master has a lack of courage that means so can anyone else including a five year old kid. Therefore we must act on faith that things are going to work out the way we'd like but we must avoid any attachment to any results. Lets just share our product and our opportunity with enthusiasm with the ones who want it! This is no different than recommending a good movie or a favorite restaurant. We do it all the time.

Lets go share it TODAY not Tommorow!

If we do not then this network marketing secret revealed will be lost in space.

Lawrence Bergfeld

Generate The Best Leads Today
Lawrence Bergfeld

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Top MLM Secret Revealed On Attracting Prospects To You Today

The top mlm secret revealed on attracting prospects to you today is to tell your prospects a story. There is an old saying that facts tell and stories sell. Tonight I was on a call done by Richard Dennis and he gave three things that should be a part of your story. Educate, Enlighten and Entertain.
Educate is explain to them what they need to know and make them want to say tell me more by being specific. Enlighten is to tell what they need to know on a deeper level. And entertain is making it fun!!
I bet you are asking how can I find stories that will relate to my prospects so those three things can happen? First of all go back to since the time when you were born and make a list of stories of events that happened in your life. Write them down on paper. Because when you write them down you are able to get it into your brain faster. And when it comes up in a conversation something that relates to the story you just bring it up!! Make sure it is a funny story that makes sense and that they can be entertained. That way your prospects will not fall asleep.
Remember that you are the message because people will be joining you in business. They do not care about the system you are using, the product that you have nor the opportunity. They want to be in business with someone whom they enjoyed being around and who are thinking on the same track as they are. They do not like or trust someone who thinks different than they do.
Richard Dennis story was a funny one: His mother forced him to take typing and he failed on the first ten quizzes. On the 11th he got a D and on the 12th he got a C on it. He then made the grade and in college while playing football he typed papers for the other students who wanted the papers to get done. He never knew where that would lead to.
Here is the rest of his story. For 17 years he failed in network marketing and he could not stand talking to people. That was a long time. It all changed when he started telling others the failures that he had. Then people connected to him and then they started to open up & they eventually joined him in the business. Then two of his projects were profitable. The first one was Tomato Warning that was a great network marketing tool that helped others become millionaires and Dead Doctors Don't Lie.
It entertained others!! Another thing he mentioned about entertainment was that You Tube will be the #1 search engine for entertainment and Google #2. Because entertainment will be a key factor, so get your video on!
Time to now use this mlm secret revealed on telling your prospects a story featuring the key factors of educate, entertain and enlighten!

Lawrence Bergfeld

Generate The Best Leads Today
Lawrence Bergfeld

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Exclusive MLM Leadership Tip On Masterminding

An exclusive mlm leadership tip on masterminding is the following:

A person can not build this business by himself. He needs to be a part of a mastermind group that has ideas that he can use in the direction of getting wealthy. To attract wealth one must have the positive emotions in mind. Faith, love, sex, desire, hope, romance and prosperity in mind as well as passion in ACTION with results.
Negativity must be absent at all times because it leads one down the rathole. Andrew Carnegie had a mastermind group for creating wealth when he manufactured and marketed steel. Henry Ford became friends with Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, Luther Burbank and that led him to creating the automobile.
Last but not least lets remember the Wall Street Crash of 1929 because even though it was terrible, it still gave people the opportunity to start something new and turn a disaster into an opportunity. The people who took ACTION got rid of the negative emotions and divorced poverty, then went into the positive emotions became COACHABLE in their respective calling and made in the end HUGE FORTUNES.
If they could do it with MORE limited resources then us then what is our excuse? Answer Nothing.

Time to take ACTION. Or else this mlm leadership tip will disappear.

Lawrence Bergfeld

Generate The Best Leads Today
Lawrence Bergfeld

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Top Network Marketing Secret Revealed On Colors To Success Today

Today I have learned a top network marketing secret revealed on Colors To Success today from my good friends and mentors Michael Dlouhy and Richard Dennis. And the secret was that a person can not be a high pressure salesperson. Especially when you are dealing with the yellow personalities and the greens who need all the information to make a decision.

Lets say you are dealing with a yellow personality that's the personality whose biggest strength is building relationships and they are sponsored by a red in a compensation plan which is recruit, recruit, recruit the yellow tells her friend about the opportunity that will change both of their lives and then her friend whom she sponsors becomes successful in the business and here is what happens next:

The upline steals her and the yellow loses the best friend. It has happened because the yellow did not receive any accurate information about this industry. Michael Dlouhy was on a coaching call with such a client and he asked her if she had accurate information then would she join that company? Her reply was no.

Michael Dlouhy used to make this mistake of blowing off greens because they drove him crazy due to the fact that they wanted to have accurate information left and right until he had a 3 hour drive from Ft Lauderdale to Jacksonville helping Tom Big Al Schrieter in his business. Tom Big Al Schrieter has built two organizations before fax machines came out back in the 1970's. He built an organization in one year of 100,000 people and in the next year he built another one of 200,000 people. That made Michael sick to his stomach. Now he gives the greens all the information they ask for.

I am sure that many of us have dealt with someone who needed to know everything and just gave up on him. We should never jump to conclusions too soon without LISTENING to the other person. Because we never know what impact the person can have on our life and our business.

Last but not least is if we do not apply this network marketing secret revealed on colors to success today we will lose 70% of our prospects.

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Exclusive Home Business Secret Revealed On Accomplishing Goals Today

An exclusive home business secret revealed on accomplishing goals today is to ACCOMPLISH them or else you should penalize yourself. That does NOT mean giving up on the network marketing industry. The penalty has to be so painful that you will do whatever it takes to achieve the goal by the deadline or else you will have to do the activities that you can't stand doing.

My good friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy has written down his goals for 2014 and his company is opening up in new countries this year and his business goal is to sponsor a new person in each new country and his personal goal is to lose 50 pounds by the end of this year. If Michael's does not accomplish his goals then his penalty is to watch the election and observe how the politicians are lying through their teeth when they make false promises to the nation and his other penalty is to go grocery shopping which is great exercise for him but he really can't stand doing it at all.

Are you going to apply this exclusive home business secret revealed on accomplishing your goals or are you going to be staring at your dreamboard all year long?

Lawrence Bergfeld

Generate The Best Leads Today
Lawrence Bergfeld