Monday, January 27, 2014

Exclusive Home Business Secret Revealed On The Power Of Thought Today

Here is an exclusive home business secret revealed on the power of thought today written by Tuula Rands. What I liked about it is
that it teaches us that we have to have positive thoughts in order for us to be able to be open to new ideas
and stories. Because facts tell and stories sell! And if we can get the ideas from others who got results and use them, then we will be on our way!

Hill tells us the brain is the broadcasting and receiving station of thought
impulses between one person to and from another.

When we understand and learn how to enhance the power of our
broadcasting and receiving station, the more productive
we can be in building our Network Marketing business.

It is the level of our thought vibrations that control what we portray to others
as well as how much we can pick up from their minds.

We control that level by stimulating our emotions and feelings by either
the positive or the negative emotions.

So it goes back to "thoughts are things."

When we talk to people and our thoughts are negative, that negativity is going
come across to the other person and they will react in a negative way.

The same is true with positive thoughts. When we think positive, people
pick up on it and react to us in a positive way.

So when we are out sharing our business or products with people, our
thoughts can be one of the most important tools we have in our tool box.

Ever wonder why sometimes everything goes just perfect and at other times
nothing we do seems to work right.

Could it be that we forgot to prepare and take with us the most
important tool we have – our level of thought?

We are very fortunate, indeed, to have access to all that Mentoring for Free

Mentoring for free is where we “Learn HOW to think, NOT what to

But it is up to each and every one of us, individually, to determine
at what level of thought we are going to live in.

Lets use this home business secret revealed wisely by sharing what we are excited about with others, when we do so then they will want to be a part of our business and our lives!

Generate The Best Leads Today
Lawrence Bergfeld


  1. Absolutely Lawrence, thoughts are things. We attract to us what we think about most of the time

  2. We sure do Toni.


    Lawrence Bergfeld

  3. Hi Lawrence,

    What you think about is what you bring about. That is why your mind is so powerful because it can create and design anything you want in life. Thanks for the great post!

  4. You are welcome Nate and the more creative we are the further we will get in this business and more people will be drawn to us long term!

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  5. How we choose to think rules our life. Amazingly powerful concept, right Lawrence? Thanks for breaking it down!

    1. It sure is RR Biddulph!! You are very welcome!!


      Lawrence Bergfeld

  6. I do wonder why there are really good times and then really bad times. Great post!

  7. Thanks Jennifer. The reason why there are really good times and then really bad times is because our thinking is negative. If we hesitate or say maybe, possibly, try, we will see then we are telling ourselves NO. And one negative thought is enough to ruin anything that is constructive. Therefore we must have the seven positive emotions in our mind at all times. They are Faith, Love, Sex, Desire, Hope, Romance, Enthusaism and Prospertiy. When we have that and prospects can feel that we have those emotions, then they will be attracted to us like a magnet.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  8. I agree with this ... thoughts are definitely things! You've heard the expression, "Careful what you wish for?" Well, have I got some stories for you! lol Thanks, Lawrence

  9. Awesome! Yes I have Jeanne!! We must be careful what we wish for or else we will get it. And furthermore we do not attract what we want, we attract what we are!


    Lawrence Bergfeld