Saturday, February 1, 2014

Top Network Marketing Secret Revealed On The Difference Between Loyal Customer And Seasonal Customer

I have just learned from my good friend and mentor Ken Klemn that the top network marketing secret revealed on the difference between a loyal customer and a seasonal customer is as follows. A loyal customer is someone who commits to using the product for at least three months BUT he stays longer because of the customer service he gets, the rapport that he builds with the person who sold him the product and the fact that he is asked if he needs to make any adjustments, etc.. A loyal customer goes out of his way for a restaurant, a haircut, to get his car fixed because he was treated well and the salesperson mainly listened to what his wants and needs were.
A seasonal customer is a customer who is a customer that gets things done basically because he has to get things taken care of NOT because he wants to. Lets say a person goes to get his car fixed at a place where the mechanic isn't friendly, is rude or whatever. He goes there because there is no other place to go to, if he had elsewhere to go to he would no be showing up.
How are you finding your loyal customers? Are you targeting the market. Think about how a restaurant targets its market. There used to be a Roy Rogers 15 minutes away from my house: There was a billboard there ten minutes away. The people who were hungry stopped by and ate. Lets say when you post an ad for losing weight on Craigs List you want to put it in the Weight Loss Section. That way you are finding people who are hungry for losing weight.
If you treat them the way they want to be treated and ask them what they'd like to accomplish and give them suggestions on reasonable goals on losing weight and they take action over and over again by losing their weight. Then you have won them!
Now its time for you to apply this network marketing secret revealed and keep your customers!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld


  1. Thank you for this information, Lawrence. It makes perfect sense.

  2. You are welcome Jeanne!


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