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Exclusive MLM Secret Revealed On Conquering Fear Today

What I think an exclusive mlm secret revealed on conquering your fear is to identify what it is, get rid of it immediately by just taking ACTION. Because the only mlm secret revealed is to just dump it or else you will get nowhere fast. Tuula Rands writes on how to get rid of it so that you can take massive action without any interference and accomplish your goals!

Chapter 15 – How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear

We began in Chapter one understanding that “thoughts
are things" and we are told through out this book that
we are in control of our thoughts and we are given instructions
on how we can control our thoughts.

Do we really believe all these things? Do we really believe
we can control our own thoughts in a way that would be of
benefit to ourselves? Or, do we fool ourselves by saying we
have control and by our actions we show that we let others, or
rather what we perceive others to think, control us?

This last chapter is on fear. Where do our fears come from?
We allow our minds to be influenced by the things around us.
We end up nurturing the negative influence of fear instead
of the positive influence of confidence in ourselves. We become
indecisive and doubtful.

If we were confident we would have no fear?

So how do we get rid of the fear and replace it with confidence?
We take action.

We take responsibility for our lives knowing that
we are the only ones that can change what we think about.
We have to search within ourselves and be willing to be honest
in our evaluation and once we recognize our issues with fear,
we have to find the courage to fix it. The only way to fix it is
to face the fear and just do the thing that we fear. The first step
is the hardest and each following step just gets easier.

Having fear is like putting oneself in jail. Someone or something
is running our life for us. We cannot do the things we want to
because we are not in control. Those steel bars are in control.
They surround is, they box us in and they limit our potential.
Until we are totally honest with ourselves we will stay in our jail
wondering why life is so hard and why everyone else gets the br

The saying “Change your thinking, change your life” is the answer.

My fear was speaking up on the calls and giving my input. That fear
was crippling my growth and I knew it. I did not like it and I knew
if I did not change, I would never build a big business and I would
never have the confidence to be a Professional Network Marketer.
I forced myself to begin to participate and gradually I broke down the
steel bars of my jail and my whole life began to change.

One of my self talks has become a reality. “I am happy, confident and
grateful because God is blessing me and I am a positive example and
influence in all areas of my life.”

What a wonderful feeling to know that
I can contribute, I can help others and life outside of my jail is freedom.
Freedom to live the life I want to live, freedom to take action knowing I
will not fail as long as I keep moving forward.

So how do we outwit the six ghosts of fear? We create our reality by what
We think.

Do you remember as a child looking out the window at the beautiful day
with the sun shining and you run out the door and run as fast as you can
feeling the wind in your face, laughing as hard as you can because
life is such a joy. That is what it feels like to get rid of the fear.

Let’s all run and laugh together with joy as we outwit our ghosts by
“Learning how to think, not what to think.”

Now it is time for us to use the exclusive mlm secret revealed by changing our thinking from being limited to UNLIMITED and lets build our company to the top!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld


  1. Lawrence,

    I have been there on speaking up. Letting your thoughts known and asking for help - or offering feedback - serves as a connecting medium which grows your MLM. Dive into your fears. They die.

    Power share.

  2. A person definitely needs to speak up from time to time not only because of help but because maybe someone else is getting better results than he or he does or has a better way of doing it.

    Someone has to definitely her a good tip to move forward because one tip can make a BIG difference.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  3. Awesome post, Lawrence, and great work on conquering your fears. I have a few of my own that I'm currently working on. Guest blogging, for one. Wish me luck!

  4. Thanks Jeanne! Once you take action on guest blogging then your fear will disappear!

    Lawrence Bergfeld

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  6. Thanks. My opinion does not matter. Would it be okay if I could teach you how to evaluate mlm compensation plans so that you could determine that?


    Lawrence Bergfeld

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