Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lesson Plan On Autosuggestion

We must have a chief aim in life with respect to what we want to accomplish. It has to make us cry just like our WHY makes us cry. If our WHY does not make us cry then we do not have one.

We have to take the action steps that get us paid in our business and focus on them. That is gathering a few customers and teaching other leaders to do the same thing. When you focus on those two things then everyone gets paid. The more you intentionally focus on something the stronger you will be attracted to it. Then the more you want to do it.

When you keep on repeating your companies Steps To Success then other people will get the feeling that you are doing your monthly homework like you are supposed to do and they will want what you have. You will be then attractive like a magnet.

Think about the energy at your companys convention. They were people who had massive results from massive action over & over. They did whatever it took to be number one and some had no college degrees. For that I will say what is our excuse?

Lets accomplish our goals and meet deadlines just like we used to back in school when our papers were due!

Lawrence Bergfeld

Turn MLM Failure Into Massive Success Today
Lawrence Bergfeld

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Top Network Marketing Truth Revealed On Taking Action Today

The top network marketing truth revealed on taking action today is the following: Do you believe that you deserve success? If you do then you will take action today instead of procrastinating. Bob And Anna Bassetts are testing you to see whether or not you are doing whatever it takes to build your business. If you aren't then make the necessary adjustments immediately so that you can take your business to a whole notha level!

"Here’s a recent question from an MLM help forum …

“How do I get myself motivated to get started?”

Our answer (unposted) would be …

“Don’t bother trying. Stop fooling yourself. If you haven’t started already, you don’t want it badly enough. If you did, you would not be asking the question.

If you need gas for your lawn mower, you go to town and get it. You don’t sit around and ask yourself why you can’t quite seem to go out to the shed and get the gas can and get in the car and go get some gas. You need it and you want it and you just go and get it.

If you need a haircut, you go and get one. You don’t stare into the mirror for hours wondering when someone might arrive to cut your hair, or if you might look better with bushy eyebrows and earhair or if maybe you don’t need a haircut after all and maybe you can braid it and get back to your hippie days. You need a haircut and you want a haircut and you just go and get a haircut.

If your kid needs soccer gear or braces or breakfast or college tuition or medical attention, you don’t curl up in bed and moan about how tough it is to get motivated and get out and get moving. You get up and go to work and get it and take care of your kid. You want the gear or the braces or the breakfast and you just go and get it.

So what happens when you join an MLM company?

You want a better life and you want more income and the company and your sponsor and your upline tell you how to get all that, but …

You don’t just go out and do it, do you?

You sit at home wondering ‘What’s wrong with me?’ Or you visit forums and ask, ‘How do I get myself motivated to get started?’

Our answer is that you don’t. If you needed it and you wanted it, you’d be taking action already, not wondering why you are idle.

So give yourself a break. Quit before you spend the money on the distributor kit that only gets you and your sponsor excited about the possibilities that will never be realized. Get out before you disappoint yourself.”

On the other hand, maybe you DO want it badly enough, and you aren’t getting started because you don’t know what to say or you are afraid of rejection …

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter teaches you how to succeed in MLM and network marketing by learning a few basic network marketing skills. http://www.sponsorfastwithbigal.com In that case, you need to learn some new skills. The best place to start is by listening to “Needs vs Wants” by Tom Big Al Schreiter. You can find it at BigAlSkills.com."

Are you going to be a couch potato or are you going to take action? The only way you will benefit from this article is if you use the top networking marketing truth revealed and get results because without results you are not a leader plus if you do not have the goal of being a leader in this business then ask for exit sign now!

Lawrence Bergfeld

Turn MLM Failure Into Massive Success Today
Lawrence Bergfeld