Saturday, January 4, 2014

Top Network Marketing Secret Revealed On Colors To Success Today

Today I have learned a top network marketing secret revealed on Colors To Success today from my good friends and mentors Michael Dlouhy and Richard Dennis. And the secret was that a person can not be a high pressure salesperson. Especially when you are dealing with the yellow personalities and the greens who need all the information to make a decision.

Lets say you are dealing with a yellow personality that's the personality whose biggest strength is building relationships and they are sponsored by a red in a compensation plan which is recruit, recruit, recruit the yellow tells her friend about the opportunity that will change both of their lives and then her friend whom she sponsors becomes successful in the business and here is what happens next:

The upline steals her and the yellow loses the best friend. It has happened because the yellow did not receive any accurate information about this industry. Michael Dlouhy was on a coaching call with such a client and he asked her if she had accurate information then would she join that company? Her reply was no.

Michael Dlouhy used to make this mistake of blowing off greens because they drove him crazy due to the fact that they wanted to have accurate information left and right until he had a 3 hour drive from Ft Lauderdale to Jacksonville helping Tom Big Al Schrieter in his business. Tom Big Al Schrieter has built two organizations before fax machines came out back in the 1970's. He built an organization in one year of 100,000 people and in the next year he built another one of 200,000 people. That made Michael sick to his stomach. Now he gives the greens all the information they ask for.

I am sure that many of us have dealt with someone who needed to know everything and just gave up on him. We should never jump to conclusions too soon without LISTENING to the other person. Because we never know what impact the person can have on our life and our business.

Last but not least is if we do not apply this network marketing secret revealed on colors to success today we will lose 70% of our prospects.

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Lawrence Bergfeld


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  2. Good stuff Lawrence. I gave a green a TON of information today. Timely post!

  3. Awesome stuff! Thank you, Lawrence!

  4. My pleasure Jeanne!

    Lawrence Bergfeld