Saturday, January 11, 2014

Top MLM Secret Revealed On Attracting Prospects To You Today

The top mlm secret revealed on attracting prospects to you today is to tell your prospects a story. There is an old saying that facts tell and stories sell. Tonight I was on a call done by Richard Dennis and he gave three things that should be a part of your story. Educate, Enlighten and Entertain.
Educate is explain to them what they need to know and make them want to say tell me more by being specific. Enlighten is to tell what they need to know on a deeper level. And entertain is making it fun!!
I bet you are asking how can I find stories that will relate to my prospects so those three things can happen? First of all go back to since the time when you were born and make a list of stories of events that happened in your life. Write them down on paper. Because when you write them down you are able to get it into your brain faster. And when it comes up in a conversation something that relates to the story you just bring it up!! Make sure it is a funny story that makes sense and that they can be entertained. That way your prospects will not fall asleep.
Remember that you are the message because people will be joining you in business. They do not care about the system you are using, the product that you have nor the opportunity. They want to be in business with someone whom they enjoyed being around and who are thinking on the same track as they are. They do not like or trust someone who thinks different than they do.
Richard Dennis story was a funny one: His mother forced him to take typing and he failed on the first ten quizzes. On the 11th he got a D and on the 12th he got a C on it. He then made the grade and in college while playing football he typed papers for the other students who wanted the papers to get done. He never knew where that would lead to.
Here is the rest of his story. For 17 years he failed in network marketing and he could not stand talking to people. That was a long time. It all changed when he started telling others the failures that he had. Then people connected to him and then they started to open up & they eventually joined him in the business. Then two of his projects were profitable. The first one was Tomato Warning that was a great network marketing tool that helped others become millionaires and Dead Doctors Don't Lie.
It entertained others!! Another thing he mentioned about entertainment was that You Tube will be the #1 search engine for entertainment and Google #2. Because entertainment will be a key factor, so get your video on!
Time to now use this mlm secret revealed on telling your prospects a story featuring the key factors of educate, entertain and enlighten!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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