Sunday, August 25, 2013

Utilizing Champion Network Marketing Truth Exposed On Organized Planning Today

Would it be okay if you could have a mastermind group to teach
you how to utilize the champion network marketing truth exposed
on organized planning today? If you do then apply and teach what
Russ Aker is telling you hear because you will learn how to control
your mind in order to focus on accomplishing your goals.

Persistent positive thought toward a desired idea or goal
mixed with definiteness of purpose will cause one to
manifest their destiny. Everything man creates or
acquires begins as thought for a personal need, created
through a burning Desire. THOUGHTS are Things.

In attaining our Desire, we must have Faith. Faith is the
visualization of, and Belief in the attainment of Desire. I
am what I say I am. I have what I say I have regardless
of the current evidence.

Autosuggestion is how we exercise control of our mind?
We do it by being aware, sometimes known as "seeing
or being awake" to the information presented to us and
"consciously" allowing only that which we want entry.

Successful men and women never stop acquiring
Specialized Knowledge related to their major purpose
or “why”. That purpose creating the Desire to manifest
their dreams to a physical reality.

If our passion for that which is Imagine wells up in us as
a Burning Desire followed by our PLANS and ACTIONS
we will with PERSISTENCE manifest that reality we Desire.

ORGANIZED PLANNING – “Mentoring for Free” has a
complete “organized plan” for all participants of the
master mind group. It is called the Recipe. There is a
complete check list in the “toolkit” at MFF Pro with a
step by step recipe so you won’t get left behind. The
checklist and recipe offer direction for all the practical
and specialized instruction one needs for success in any
5-Pillar network marketing opportunity. We have
additional specialized live interactive instruction on our
mastermind training calls offered five days a week
several times a day, most calls recorded for further
reference. The only things required of us as individuals
are to participate assimilate & activate the information
and training through a “DAILY PLAN”, and
enthusiastically apply Action, creating that which we

For additional information about Mentoring for Free and
how you can attain the book “Success in 10 Steps”,
contact the person who shared this blog with you…so
you don’t get left behind.

If you are coachable then my team and I can show you how
to use the network marketing truth exposed on organized planning.

Lawrence Bergfeld

Build Your All Star Team Today
Lawrence Bergfeld

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