Sunday, August 25, 2013

Exclusive Network Marketing Secret Revealed On A Remarkable Product Today

An exclusive network marketing secret revealed is that a person in network marketing today must have a remarkable product or else they will lose their prospects to the competition. A remarkable product is a product that prospects would buy without being a distributor of a network marketing company. They would buy it month after month and year after year. It would be a product that they could not live without.

Take for instance nutritional products. People consume it every single month and when they are satisified with the results that they are having from using the products they tell their friends about it. And because their friends can see that they have an emotional attachment to the product they ask them where can they order from it. Imagine that one of your customers told 24 other people of the results he or she has with the product and lets say half of them become your loyal customer. That is 12 more customers for you!

If your sponsor is asking you to make a list of you friends and family when you sign up for building a business. Run! Here is the reason why you should do that. He is telling you to make a list of your friends and family in order for you to get them into their deal. That is no different from you opening up a Mc Donalds down the street and telling your family "Hey I just opened up a new McDonalds, would you like to open up yours?" If you do that then they will be done with you.

On the other hand if you just say "I just started my own business." And then they ask you what is your business and you reply "I have an online health and nutrition store." Then they ask you what products do you have? Then share with them a link to your website so that they can look at it and or give them a brochure. Follow up with them within 48 hours, latest 72 hours because you do not want to give it more than 3 days to follow up because then they forget about it. If you leave a message that is okay as well, because at least you followed up with them.

The best way to follow up is by asking questions and listening to their answers. That is how you build rapport with your prospects. Here is a good follow up question. "What product would you like to know more about?" Then listen to them to what they want and be a professional pointer by pointing the product out to them.

Last but not least about this network marketing secret revealed on a remarkable product to remember is that they less you talk and the more you listen the more influence you will have and therefore the more likely someone will be your customer!!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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