Saturday, August 24, 2013

Exclusive Network Marketing Tip on attracting prospects to you

An exclusive network marketing tip on attracting prospects to you is to make it about them. There is an old saying that people do not care how much you know about something, unless they see that you care about them. Avoid using the words, I and me. Tom Big Al Schrieter says that prospects do not care how great your opportunity is, they care about their problems. Therefore if you are making it about yourself then do yourself a favor and stop it! A prospect has things he needs to do in his life and things that he wants to do with his life. Does your prospect need to pay taxes? Yes. Does he want to pay taxes? No but he does it anyway because if he doesn't he will get in trouble. Does your prospect need to go to the dentist? Yes, Does he want to go to the dentist? No. If you solve other peoples problems then your problems will disappear. How do you accomplish that?
Harry Browne says find out what people want and help them get it.

Here is what a prospect has when there is a problem.

1. Does a prospect have a problem to solve?

2. Are you able to solve it?

3. Does the prospect want to solve the problem?

4. And most important does he want to solve the problem with you?

To use the exclusive network marketing tip here is question number four because the only way you will benefit from using this article is if he wants to solve it with you, that can happen if he knows you by you learning a little bit about each other, likes you because you are easy to get along with, and main thing is trusts you because you are certain in what you are talking about and you do what you say that you will do!!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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