Saturday, August 24, 2013

Top MLM Leadership Tip On Successfully Duplicating Results Correctly Today

Here is the top mlm leadership tip on successfully duplicating results today: It is sponsoring someone into the business and letting him do his favorite activity! Lets say you have sponsored a Tom Big Al Schrieter into your business. Tom Big Al Schrieter cannot even stand using the telephone. He likes talking to people face to face.
Now lets assume that your favorite activity is talking to people on the telephone and you do not want to go to the coffee shop or anywhere else in town to meet new people and when Tom Big Al Schrieter is ready to join your business you tell him were going to use the phone tonight to contact people. Tom Big Al Schrieter will be gone! That is because he can not stand calling people on the telephone.
What you need to do when sponsoring a new person into your business is to be a professional pointer by pointing your new business partner to the activity that he likes to do. Back to the Tom Big Al Schrieter example. If you were to sponsor him then you would have to point him to a tool that explains to him how to talk to people face to face. That tool would need to give him a few sentences that will get prospects to say to him, tell me more about the product and the business.
Tom Big Al Schrieter would need to know about the product when he would be talking to his friends and family not the business. Because if he were to talk to his friends and family about the business then they would react to him by thinking that he wants to get them into their deal. That would cause him to alienate themselves from him.
Remember to use this mlm leadership tip on duplicating results letting your new business partner to the activity that he feels comfortable with NOT what you want him to do!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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