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Top Network Marketing Truth Revealed On Being A Champion With Persistence Today

Here is the top network marketing truth revealed on being a champion with persistence today written by my good friend and mentor Brian Redding.

The Eighth Step toward Riches

In this Chapter, Napoleon Hill gives us many examples of people around the world who showed an extreme amount of PERSISTENCE throughout their lives. I some cases their persistence or will power comes across as them being ruthless but on examining their strong habits, we see that they were not ruthless but very persistent.

Henry Ford created a good habit of always followed through with all of his plans.

He also mentioned that the majority of people are willing to give up so easily at the first sign of opposition or misfortune but it is people like the Fords, Carnegies, Rockefellers and Edisons who carry on despite all opposition to attain their goal.

He mentions how Fanny Hurst through her persistence conquered Broadway when thousands and thousands of people fail to ever reach their goals of being successful on Broadway. Talent alone will not do it as it also requires a person with a lot of persistence.

Kate Smith was another performer like Fanny Hurst who reached her goals as a top singer through her powerful will power and also conquered Broadway. It pays to be PERSISTENT.

Hill also speaks how Andrew Carnegie had taught him how to toss way his fear of criticism and for the next 20 years to organize a philosophy on personal achievement.

He mentions W.C. Fields went from being a comedian in vaudeville to being an actor in a new profession in the movies. This is just another sign of great persistence as he never gave up.

Marie Dressler was down and out but at an old age through her strong PERSISTENCE brought her outstanding triumph.

Eddie Cantor lost his entire fortune during the Great Depression of 1929, but because of his courage and persistence he created even a greater fortune.

The biggest AHA that I got from this Chapter is that IF ONE HAS PERSISTENCE, ONE CAN GET ALONG VERY WELL WITHOUT MANY OTHER QUALITIES. This seems to say that with a lot of persistence, we will reach our goals of success. I know that I have a lot of persistence as I am very hard headed and stubborn. So besides persistence which I believe that I have plenty of, I must also acquire the specialized knowledge which I will need to attract people to me but I also must get rid of my stinking thinking because I cannot afford to think that way anymore. I must change my poverty mindset to a wealth or prosperous mindset.

Hill also point out the four simple steps to lead to the habit of Persistence.

(1) A definite purpose backed by a burning desire for its fulfillment. That to me is owning my life and being completely debt free with complete financial security. I will not die with my music never being played. In my company it is reaching the level of Black Diamond and creating many Black Diamonds on my journey which is a very happy journey.

(2) A definite plan expressed with continuous action. My plan is to always be close to the fire where I can learn from people like Michael Dlouhy, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, Richard Dennis, Jerry ‘D’Rhino’ Clark, Artemis Limpert and Jim Rohn. I must speak up on all these calls and do a lesson plan weekly. I must reachout to people who are struggling in the Network Marketing industry and help them with their goals. I must find customers and sponsor distributors. I must spend many hours on the telephone following up with people who need my help.

(3) A mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences, including all negative suggestions of relatives, friends and acquaintances. By doing my self-talk daily, I will build my immune system against these dream stealers who want to pull me back into their rat hole.

(4) A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage and not discourage me to follow through with both plan and purpose. Well I have that in my Wednesday Mental Cleanse family who participate on the calls and who also submit a lesson plan weekly that continuously inspires me and teaches me that I am not alone in my desires and the mindset needed to achieve them.

Hill also mentions how Wallace Simpson won over the heart of King Edward of England with her constant persistence and her great love for this man.

Mohammed the great prophet who wrote the Koran and started a new religion had a very up and down life but his great persistence made him very revered among the Arabic population.

We Love to all the members of this awesome Mastermind Group and thanks to all the mentors who help us daily keep with our persistence to be leaders in this beautiful Network Marketing industry.

Special thanks go out to Michael and Linda for always believing in every one of us.

Brian Redding in Chicago

Now it is time for use to take ACTION based on this network marketing truth revealed.

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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