Sunday, September 8, 2013

Champion MLM Truth Revealed On Colors To Success Today

The champion mlm truth revealed on colors to success today is that it makes it easier for you to attract prospects. Richard Dennis mentioned that he couldn't make friends for his life during the first 17 years of his network marketing career. That all changed when he met Michael Dlouhy and watched him make new friends on the phone & in person with people whom he never met. Here are the strengths and weaknesses of them.

The red personality is the one who is the best negotatior. He is focused and is the one people others work with only because he is successful. Because of his ego he drives them away. When he learns people strengths and weaknesses he no longer says its my way or the highway. Then they will be coachable rather then being defeated so badly that only when it really hurts them they ask for help.

It takes forever for the green personality to make a decision. They fall into paralysis analysis. But once they take action they do it! They must avoid speaking their reality into existence by saying the words try, maybe, possibly and we will see because then they make the situation worse then it already is. They must definitely say self talk like oxygen and use words like attract, awesome, will, absolutely and am. That way they will be the person people want to be in business with.

The blue personality sees the big picture and has all the details. But the blue can be very scattered and jumping from one deal to the next. They always fall for the hype. If they can team up with a green personality who is detailed oriented and get focused then they can build a big team. Another thing they need is an autoresponder because they must follow up with their clients when they speak to them.

The yellow personality is the best at building relationships. They listen to people which everyone needs to hear. So few people in this world get attention because they are constantly talking and talking. There is an old saying that a person must listen TWICE as much as they talk. When you can do that and understand what the other person has meant, then you are on the way to success. Yellows must stop taking no personally. Does the waitress cry when someone says no for coffee. We don't cry either. We just serve the people who want our help instead of taking it personally or even worse chasing them down. When the yellows can have their own agenda first and not always putting people first by being afraid to say no, then they will do it. In other words they must be assertive by being their own person.

That is the mlm truth revealed on Colors To Success that I learned, lets all take action by USING it!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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