Sunday, April 19, 2015

Top MLM Truth Revealed On Targeting Market

The top mlm truth revealed on targeting the market is the following: I listened to a call featuring Michael Dlouhy & Richard Dennis on having a SYSTEM to find people who want what you have rather than chasing friends and family.
Think about this: Michael Dlouhys family did not believe in life insurance so he never spoke to them on it. He targeted the market by placing an ad in the paper. The ad created interest and people were calling him day and night. While he was filling out the paperwork in getting people signed up to be customers of life insurance they were already asking if they could make an appointment for their sister, cousin, father..etc. He built a business for 2 years and then retired from it. Of course he could not do it by himself so he had to sponsor people too. Where did the people whom he sponsor come from? They were customers of his companys product and they asked him if they could sell life insurance as well? Then Michael replied "Yeah you can!" Michael Dlouhy did not put an ad in the paper that I am looking for distributors.
Here at Mentoring For Free we target the market as well. We find people who are looking for us. Because friends and family do not duplicate. My friends and family are different from your friends and family. It positions you as a desperate peddler instead of being a helpful expert.
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Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld


  1. I have a cousin that I think would really benefit from speaking with you. She is amazing and really is looking to build her business and become successful. I will share this post and your blog with her!!

  2. Thanks Danielle! I appreciate it.


    Lawrence Bergfeld