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Top Network Marketing Secret Regarding Fear Elimination Today

This is how Steve Porter eliminates fear, if you want to learn the network marketing secret on it then read on! It is unneccessary to go through the same fears he went through.

Hill writes in this Chapter about the 6 ghosts of fear and how to outwit
or outsmart them. Hill describes these 6 ghosts of fear as follows:
1) The fear of poverty; 2) The fear of criticism; 3) The fear of ill health;
4) The fear of the loss of love of someone; 5) The fear of old age; and
6) The fear of death.

Hill also writes that fears are nothing more than states of mind and since
fears are states of mind, our states of mind may be controlled and directed.

Before joining Mentoring For Free, I had the following fears: 1) I did fear
poverty or at least I feared not having enough money. 2) I did fear
criticism because I was concerned with what others thought of me.
3) I feared becoming ill and having a terminal illness that would shorten my
years. 4) I feared losing my marriage. I feared living alone. 5) I feared
becoming old and not being able to work and to produce. 6) I feared
death. I sometimes would cancel trips because of all of the "what if's"
going on in my mind.

But, now, after having remained plugged into Mentoring For Free since
September 2, 2010, just 4 plus years later, I am very proud to announce
and share with you that I now have no fears. I no longer fear poverty. I
no longer fear not having enough money. Why? Because of my positive
and empowering self-talk. I now know that I may create income whenever
I choose to do so. I know that I have money flowing to me easily and
consistently from the north, south, east, and west from expected and
unexpected sources. I no longer fear criticism. I don't even think about
what others may think of me. Why? Because, Michael Dlouhy has taught
me that it is none of my business what others think of me and that what
is, instead, my business is what I think of myself.
I no longer fear ill health. Why? Because, I have
learned how to take better care of myself. Now there is no reason I
should ever become ill. I now know that I will never have a terminal
illness. This is what I believe. I self-talk myself into great health.

I have had 2 marriages end in divorce. This used to be a big deal to me.
I used to feel like a failure. But, not anymore. Why? Because, it takes
two. It was not all my fault. It was partly my fault. I have accepted
the fact that I participated in the failures of my marriages and I have
prayed and repented and been forgiven. I don't have to punish myself
anymore. I admire happy successful marriages like the one Michael and
Linda Dlouhy enjoy. I believe that I may have one also some day. But,
for now, as Hill describes, I have learned how to be happy and content
being by myself. I am almost 57 years young. When I look back over
the course of my life, I realize that I have lived by myself for only 3
of my 57 years. No wonder it took me some time getting comfortable
living by myself. It was new to me.

I no longer fear old age nor death. Why? Because of my self-talk and my
faith. I understand that my physical body may be no more someday.
But, I also believe that my spirit will live forever. I am no longer fearful
of becoming too old to work or to produce. Why? Because, I am
becoming wealthy. I am learning how to make money work for me
instead of me having to work for money.

Self-talk and faith have allowed me to conquer each and every one of
the 6 ghosts of fear Hill describes. I had faith before I discovered
Mentoring For Free. What I lacked was self-talk. I was not familiar with
self-talk before I discovered Mentoring For Free. Now, my self-talk is
my trusted friend. I visit this trusted friend daily. It has become a
natural part of who I am. I do nothing now without self-talking myself
first. And, self-talk has made all the difference for me in both my life
and my business!

Steve Porter - Hannibal, Missouri, USA -

P.S. Do not do as I did and dismiss or take for granted what Michael
Dlouhy teaches us about self-talk. I now understand what Michael is
teaching. If you are not yet having the success you desire in your life
and in your network marketing business, then I challenge you to learn
more about what positive and empowering self-talk can do for you!

This network marketing secret will be worth to you if you use it!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld