Sunday, January 6, 2013

Exclusive MLM Secret Exposed Is To Use Knowledge Or Get Out Of The Game Today

This mlm secret exposed is to help you avoid making the mistake of acquiring knowledge and not using it. Knowledge is power only if it is used. David Waxman explains what NOT to do with knowledge. Chapter 5 Specialized Knowledge In this chapter, I have discovered one of my largest stumbling blocks. Years ago, my father said to me you must do something specific. Unfortunately, I did not completely listen to him. I have always remembered what he said. However, I did not apply it. Over 30 years ago, he suggested I become a plumber. After reading this chapter, I realize why. In today’s world, I understand why a college education might not be the answer to prosperity. College educations are viable provided you study courses to develop a special skill. Stuart Austin Ware did this twice. First, he studied engineering. Then, he pursued an education in law. In other words, most of the knowledge gained in a formal education setting has no power. Thus, it is not applied knowledge. Throughout my working life, I have stumbled and struggled due to lack of specialized and applied knowledge (experience). Most jobs, I have held were at the bottom. Resulting in frustrations that created ruts. I have been in so many ruts. I stopped working. Invested in real estate, I did well for a while. Made some poor decisions. Creating the largest rut I have ever been in. I had not even started developing and enjoying, my network marketing spider web. Yet, I made a poor choice. Thanks to David Haines and Michael Dlouhy, they prevented me from experiencing a larger rut. Mentoring for Free provides specialized knowledge that one can easily transform into applied knowledge. Topics include Success in Tens Steps, the 5 Pillars, personality colors, and the 30day mental cleanse. These topics are explained in full detail using word pictures that create clear visible images. Clearly emphasizing the importance of how this information can contribute to a profitable and prosperous network marketing business. Not only is valuable lucid information provided. The MFF support system is the best. Every conference call reinforces different parts of published information, as well as, provides handheld coaching on how to apply the information. Due to the development of the internet, information is at our fingertips. The amount of information available to us is mind-boggling. Unfortunately, all these systems offering information present perspective users a challenge. This challenge is being able to fully comprehend and digest it, so that it can be applied. Creators of information feel to establish the perceived value being offered at a price. Concepts must be detailed using large words to describe complicated ideas. Painting words pictures that represent mud, as well as, ideas that can not be duplicated. My father is correct in the advice he gave me. Had I followed his suggestion? I would have been faced with different obstacles in life. Stuart Austin Ware validates the value of a college education provided you know exactly what you want to pursue once you have graduated. After graduating college, I must admit I had no clue of what I really wanted to do. My real estate success had more to do with the times than ability. Ruts are unavoidable. Even though, I have made some poor decisions. The lessons learned are valuable. I do not regret the decisions. I am grateful for the word pictures that have simplify my understanding of network marketing. In addition, to the lessons I have learned about information and emotional decisions. Thank you Linda, Michael, and David for all this help. David Waxman, Providence, Rhode Island Now avoid making the same mistake David Waxman made my not USING the knowledge. If you use it then you will BENEFIT from this mlm secret exposed! Build Your All Star Team Today Lawrence Bergfeld 917-399-6207

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