Saturday, January 12, 2013

Home Business Secret Revealed On Setting Goals

This is the home business secret revealed on setting goals that my good friend and mentor Ken Klemn taught me this afternoon. They first of all must know what they want to accomplish in life or else they will get nowhere.

That is their WHY?” They must stop asking what and how. What is it that they really want? Think about a cheese cake. You want it to be tasty, smell good, and delicious. What ingredients you need to make the cheese cake. Find it out and put it in order or else it will not taste good. Same with your goals. You must know how many customers and distrubutors you need to make one pin level. And you must do it in order to get it!

Then repeat the next thing for the next pin level. That’s what this home business secret revealed is all about now its time to put it to good use by taking action on a daily basis towards your goals!

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