Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Home Business Success Secret Revealed On Setting a BHAG Goal

This is the home business success secret revealed on setting a BHAG goal for yourself written by my good friend Margi Starr. If everybody followed this blueprint when building their home based business from one pin level to the next then they would be on their way to massive success! Several years ago I set a BHAG goal for myself. BHAG stands for a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal. You know it’s a BHAG when people laugh at you. You know it’s a BHAG when you wake up in the morning thinking, “What did I get myself into???” You know it’s a BHAG when you it takes a while to wrap your brain around where to start.

When I told people that I was going to climb Pike’s Peak, people laughed. My cousin announced to our family, “Margi won’t be able to do it.” My fitness instructor raised his eyebrows and said, “Really???” I planned my strategy carefully. Using the internet, I found a fitness program that would help me get into shape.

Walking one mile gave me one point. Two miles equaled 2 points. Running up the stairs of a stadium was worth 3 or 4 points depending on the number of stairs. According to this particular fitness program, I needed a minimum of 24 points per week for 8 weeks, otherwise, my mountain climbing adventure could be disastrous. I aimed for 28-30 points per week of walking and climbing. I even signed up for a spin class to build up my lungs and endurance even more.

I sought the advice of people who had some athletic experience. One friend, who had run some cross country in high school, suggested that we meet at 5:45 AM 3 mornings a week to get in some miles. Those early morning sessions were extremely valuable. Over the nine weeks, my husband and three of my best friends laced up their walking shoes and joined me. On Saturdays I worked up to walking 10 miles without stopping. I would start out alone and before long, someone would call me and say, “Hey, where are you? I’m going to join you for a couple of miles.” Then someone else would come alongside me and walk a mile or so. The miles melted away under my feet building my endurance and confidence. This past weekend I once again entered the scary, but exhilarating world of the BHAG.

I set a goal for myself that has me ready to throw up and yet has me so excited that I can’t sleep. This time it’s a network marketing goal. I have reviewed the charts that I used for climbing Pike’s Peak. Each week had a specific amount of activities I needed to do. Although I accomplished massive action each week, it was all broken down to small activities each day. But the secret was in my consistency.

Whenever I thought about slacking off, I saw a 14,100 foot mountain looming ahead of me and it jolted me back into action. So tonight I made a detailed Ten-Week Action Plan for achieving a significant network marketing goal which includes: • Daily self talk • Daily personal development • Phone calls to my warm market • Social media posts and relationship building to get downloads of STS • Writing daily blogs to get downloads of STS • Visiting businesses that could benefit from my product(s) • Do presentations both with individuals and small groups • Doing at least one larger scale events. • Working with my team and teaching them to duplicate what I do. • Being Accountable to my own mentors and peers. I have a target goal for the number of Customers and Distributors who will find me and join me. I have some specific dates as to when I achieve the mini-goals of Pin Levels that I need to achieve prior to March 31.

It all comes down to having a Plan and then working the Plan. The Plan will probably change. That’s okay. But now that it’s down on paper in bite-size action steps, I can better SEE me achieving my goal. Organized Planning takes a BHAG and brings it to life. Just follow this home business success secret revealed just like you would "Follow Da Yellow Brick Road!" Lawrence Bergfeld Build Your All Star Team Today Lawrence Bergfeld 917-399-6207

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