Sunday, January 6, 2013

Smart MLM Tip Is To Mention Three Strengths and One Weakness To Prospect

Yesterday I learned a smart mlm tip from my good friends and mentors Michael Dlouhy and Richard Dennis on our conference call. That is to mention three strengths and one weakness to your prospect because if you do that they will TRUST you. You must avoid mentioning more than one weakness to them because then see that you start to be negative with them and that will make them shut the door on you. How does this work with the Colors To Success. It works like this. Lets say you are with a yellow. The yellows are the best relationship builders. People come to them with their problems no matter what they are. They are the nurturers and if a cat needed a home they would find one. They make peace with two people who argue with each other and they do whatever it takes to make them get along with each other. Also they are the best team builders due to the fact that they are the best listeners. They find out what people want and help them get it. One weakness is that when someone says no they take it personally. You must mentor them by giving them the example of the coffee story. If my wife and your wife & you go out to breakfast and everyone wants coffee except me. Does the waitress go into the kitchen crying? Of course not. Then here it does not happen either. They are just saying no to your business and or your product. For the blue personality their strengths are they are the best promoters. They are in sales. They are the life of the party and they give more information than you ask for. They are the ones who do 17 projects that are unfinished and they decide to do and 18th project. If you help them get lazer focused by telling them to one project excellently at a time. Then they will own their life. Remember they see the big picture fast and when they become a critical thinker they will avoid the next shiny object in front of them. The green personality is the personality that follows through the projects that they have to do. They are excellent at doing research. They are accurate and they are persistent. The problem with them is that they get ready to get ready too much and fall into paralysis analysis. If you can get them to take action right away and let them know that you do not have to have all the answers you will then have them. The red personality is the person who is the boss the ceo the manager of the company. They do all the hiring and firing. They are focused, they are well connected and they are all about challenge. Be real with them when you challenge them because they are able to spot it when someone is being phony. A challenge in mlm works like this. This guy made it up to the Presidential Level of the company in 32 months, I don't know if you can make it in 16 months or not? When they hear that they will say watch me I am on my way right now! They will go do it. A weakness for them is that this is a volunteer army and they can not tell people what to do in this business. They have to let them work it at their pace. Because if they insist on someone doing something then they are out. Michael Dlouhy mentioned at the end of the call this one tip. Everyone must find a yellow to build a relationship with a yellow because they are the ones time and time again who built the largest organizations in network marketing. And in order for you to own your life you must use this mlm tip in finding three stengths of prospect and one weakness due to the fact that people join others in business and buy their product based on know, like and trust. Trust is one of them! See you at the top! Lawrence Bergfeld Build Your All Star Team Today Lawrence Bergfeld 917-399-6207

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