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Exclusive MLM Secret Exposed On Decisions

An exclusive mlm secret exposed on making decisions is If you are confused about making decisions then will teach you how to make them and more importantly avoid changing them. There is an old saying that if a person is wishy-washy then he is a goner. Read the rest of the story to find out the reason why.

Another excellent chapter! Decision-making
has never really been a strongpoint for me,
I am one of the ones that takes a long time
to make a decision and even then, I waver.
I guess a big part of that is not trusting
myself. I can honestly say that my self-trust
has eroded over the years. This I believe is
a result of starting projects with great
intentions and often never seeing them through
to the end. I really hate to continue to use
the "I'm a Blue" excuse, but this is another
area of my life that used to really baffle me
until I listened to the 'Colors' audio. At least
I know what I know now about my personality
characteristics and I can take steps to address
it. For so long I didn't even know what I didn't
know...the ultimate in ignorance! I've always
envied people who can make decisions quickly and
stick to them. Here's a 'for instance' about my
poor decision making ability: I often buy things
on a whim...then I get buyer's remorse. Then I
spend hours searching the internet to make sure
I purchased the right product at the best price.
Often this leads to many, many returned items and
"re-purchasing" of items I have already bought at
a different store or online shopping portal. I've
become a master at returning items and finding the
best price...but a what cost? I may save a few
dollars but I spend a lot of time searching and
fretting over my purchase decisions. Imagine how
many opportunities I have missed because of this

I love the fact that the author goes into
detail about the power of a decision..a real, burn
your ships and bridges decision! It's amazing to
think how one REAL decision led to the independence
of the country we live it today. Those men had REAL
courage, not like the politicians of today who change
their minds every time a new poll result comes out.
Sometimes I think that it was the the fact that they
had no 'mind-eroding' television to watch, they likely
read great books, and they hung around with like-minded
people. Kind of sounds like the 'Mental Cleanse'
directions! I never really knew that network marketing
would be this hard....but it's an experience that I
wouldn't miss for the world now. I realize now that in
my previous life I wasn't making decisions, I wasn't
improving as a human being and a leader...I was really
sleep-walking through life and doing as I was told. I'm
not going to go into the "blame-game" of blaming my
parents and the educational system and television and
blah, blah, blah....however, I will say that it would be
refreshing to see our educational system reform an start
teaching kinds "how to think, not what to think", how
to make decisions quickly and stick with them, and how
to take imperfect action instead of waiting for everything
to be perfect before doing anything.

Anyway, I have made a REAL decision to be a 100% member
of MFF, go through the cleanse, follow the system and then
teach my people to do the same. I have no buyer's remorse
and I'm not looking for any other "systems" to take its
place. I realize now that this is a marathon, not a sprint.
I have to pay my dues, put the work in, do what I'm told,
take imperfect action, and the rewards will come. Thanks
for letting me share.

Now use this exclusive mlm secret exposed on making decisions or else it is your loss.

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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