Saturday, June 7, 2014

Top MLM Secret Revealed On Winners Today

The top mlm secret revealed on winners are that they stay in the game no matter what circumstances they go through because subconsciously they know that they are three feet from gold. However, before we can be winners lets first clear up the following issue:

Chapter 1 - Thoughts Are Things

Finally, they decided to QUIT.

They sold the machinery to a junk man for a few hundred dollars, and took the
train back home. Some “junk” men are dumb, but not this one! He called in a
mining engineer to look at the mine and do a little calculating. The engineer
advised that the project had failed, because the owners were not familiar with
“fault lines.” His calculations showed that the vein would be found JUST THREE
it was found!


I know the first sentence above doesn’t refer to those here reading this post
because if it did . . . you wouldn’t be here reading it!

I’d like to draw parallels from the paragraph above to some of my experiences
with network marketing.

Since I was introduced to network marketing in 1999, I’ve seen many people quit
and “take the train back home” to their mediocre lifestyles.

“Some men are dumb, but not this one!” . . . although I’ve been through many
ups-and-downs in this business and have not yet achieved the level of success I’m
aiming for . . . I have never (completely) quit.

I’ve taken some breaks . . . but have always had network marketing in the back of
my mind and a constant nagging telling me this is what I’m supposed to do . . . fast
forward several years and whether by chance or design, I found Mentoring for Free!

“He called in an MLM Engineer to look at his business and do a little calculating."

"The Engineer (Michael Dlouhy) advised that the project had failed, because the quitters
were not familiar with 'The Recipe' . . . his calculations showed that 'Freedom' would be
found just a short time beyond mastering the 'MFF System'. "

That is exactly where I know it will be found . . .

The reason being that I’ve truly made up my mind once and for all to . . .

“Think & Grow Rich”

Tony Harnett

Now are you going to throw in the towel and not do anything with your business due to one obstacle or are you going to use the top mlm secret revealed on winners and do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals?

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld


  1. Don't quit! Success may very well be just around the corner! Thanks, Lawrence, for the reminder.

    1. You are welcome Jeanne! Now its time to use it!

      Lawrence Bergfeld

  2. Nothing can stop you until you, choose to be stopped.
    Thanks , Lawrence ;)

    1. Sure Sourav!! We must remain unstoppable to win!

      Lawrence Bergfeld

  3. great lesson Lawrence. Follow the recipe and you shall suceed, it is just a matter of time.

    1. Thanks Toni! Definitely!

      Lawrence Bergfeld