Sunday, June 29, 2014

Top MLM Truth Revealed On Specialized Knowledge

The top mlm truth revealed on specialized knowledge is that you will have success only if you USE what you learn. If you do not use it then you have wasted your time going to class. Here is my lesson plan on Chapter 5 in Think And Grow Rich.
Stuart Austin Weir was a construction engineer by trade. The depression forced him to change occupations. What he did was go back to school and prepared himself for a lawyer by taking specialized courses and passing the bar exam. He graduated during the depression and was past 40 years old plus he had a family.
I accept the fact that I mistakenly listened to the guidance counselors back in college. I had two bachelor degrees. One in accounting and the other in finance & they told me the following: You can't have a job because your GPA is 2.7 and it has to be a minimum of 3.0. Unfortunately I was not a critical thinker at the time. As Michael said that his friend who works for Motorolla does not use anything that he learned in college.
The guidance counselors definition of me is NOT who I am. The fact is that they intentionally wanted me to lose.
What I am doing is listening to audios in MFF and using what I learned by taking action, setting goals and more importantly making sure that I meet the deadlines.
Now it is your turn to act on this mlm truth revealed on specialized knowledge because there is an old saying, the person who stopped studying just because he or she finished college is doomed to mediocrity no matter what his profession is.

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld


  1. Very interesting post. I do know that I want to get results!

  2. That is fantastic Jennifer! Just do it!

    Lawrence Bergfeld