Sunday, June 8, 2014

Top Home Business Secret Revealed On Communicating With Prospect Today

The top home business secret revealed on communicating with your prospect today is to listen more and to talk less. That way you build more influence him then someone who is just giving him information that he does not need. Here is how you can do it with your prospects:

Lets say you have a green personality. The green personality needs to know everything in order to make a decision. He is self contained and indirect meaning that he does not share personal information with a stranger if he does not know them and if he has to talk he gives short answers. He may be getting to get ready over and over again, but never push him because once he makes a decision to get going he gets going! Michael Dlouhy says as a guideline that if you want to follow up with a green do so at the most every two weeks. Because if you follow up with him too often he will see it as being pushy.

With a yellow personality is the following: They are open with their feelings and also giving short answers. They are the ones who have built the largest organizations in network marketing due to the fact that they are relationship driven. They listen. You can not push them either or else they are gone. One thing that they must learn is to say no to requests. They can't be everything for everyone. By the time they are 40 years old they are asking themselves. When is it my turn?

With a blue personality he sees the big picture right away. He is open with his feelings and will give you more information than you need. They are the ones though who need to get focused and start listening to other people. A blue does 17 unfinished products and starts the 18th one. Michael Dlouhy had a decade ago a challenge with the Mentoring For Free System and Tom Big Al Schrieter his mentor mentioned that he had to fix one task at a time. As a result Michael became more focused and therefore his primary color is a blue and his secondary color is green. Get a blue lazer focused and teach him the colors and he will own his life!

Last but not least there is the red personality. The red is all about the money. They do not care about your family, small talk or vacation. They want to know the bottom line. They are self contained and direct. They do not want you to know much about them and they will control the conversation, meaning that they will make you answer their question. If you have a coaching call with them with the top money earner then they are willing to listen to you! Give them a challenge by telling them the following: "I don't know if you can do it or not!" And watch them go for it!

When you can find out what your prospect wants and help them get it with the Colors To Success then you will be a master of it! My suggesting to you is to join us for a month on our training calls, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night for at least a month!

Time to use this home business secret revealed!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld


  1. Hi Lawrence,
    I like the colors ,this is very interesting
    to put colors on different personalities .
    Thank you for sharing :)

  2. You are welcome Erika!!


    Lawrence Bergfeld