Wednesday, October 22, 2014

MLM Secret Revealed On Feeling Power Of Imagination

There is an old saying the top mlm secret revealed is feeling the power of imagination by USING it and putting the ideas into action immediately! Write it down, set a goal with a deadline, create a plan of action and just do it!

Chapter 6—Imagination


Our minds hold millions of pictures and sounds and smells. Images that can be seen, heard, smelled, touched and felt when triggered by a thought.

Our memory bank is miraculous but let’s take it a step further. Let’s imagine something we have not yet experienced. Let’s take that which is partially familiar and add to that memory and create something new.

Something big. Something incredible.

I imagine…

I am on the stairs waiting to walk across a stage. Loud music fills the air. The pulsing beat causes the entire convention center to vibrate. I feel the energy that fills every inch of the room.

I wait till they call my name. My heart is beating inside my chest. Emotion wells up within me similar to the moment I gave birth to my children. Hands tremble with excitement. Knees seem unsteady. Am I really living this? Is this MY life?

I hear the announcement and then my name, "Margi Starr!" My feet begin moving forward. I hear the applause; I feel the bright lights. I remember to breathe. Every cell in my body is alive.

I feel the strong handshake. I yield to the warm hugs. This is REAL. This is my time.

Inside I dance with joy.

No more debt. Plenty of money at the end of the month gives me financial peace. The chains are gone and I can breathe!

I’ve learned to control my mind. I own my life and I am beginning to own my fortune.

Money flows through that I can truly leave a legacy. It's not necessarily about having a fancy house or fast car. It's about making a difference.

Imagine…what Freedom looks like, sounds like, and feels like. Hold onto that feeling. See it in your mind. Hear its melody play over and over in your heart until it is part of you…

Listen to the music….and dance with me.

Margi Starr
Springfield, Ohio

If Margi Starr can use the mlm secret revealed on feeling the power of imagination in the moment than so can everyone else!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld


  1. Great post! Imagination is very important including blogging :)

    1. Thanks Priya. It sure is!


      Lawrence Bergfeld

  2. Imagination is a very powerful thing. Thanks for your post, Lawrence!

    1. Definitely Jeanne. You are welcome.


      Lawrence Bergfeld