Sunday, October 5, 2014

Top Network Marketing Truth Exposed On Being A Relationship Business

The top network marketing truth exposed on network marketing is that it is a relationship business not a sales business. The people who are telling you that it is a sales business are lying to you. Therefore do yourself a favor and dump the script. Focus on what other people want and cut your agenda out!
You are in this business to make friends to make friends NOT to get business. If you make friends to get business then you are going to lose them as fast as you made them and you will not get much business.
Here is how my good friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy trains people to get rid of their agenda. He asks people the following "If time and money were not an issue, what would you be doing?" Then he pays attention to their answers and if they answer parasailing he will reply to them by saying that when you use the mentoring for free system you will find people who will want to go parasailing with you. He tells them that so that they can get over the fear of using the phone.
A green personality complains that he is not a people person, Michael Dlouhy helps them overcome that by letting them listen to the live leads calls where they learn how to listen to others. When they know what other people want then they can help them get it. A yellow personality can't take rejection personal because they are not rejecting him or her, they are rejecting the product and/or the opportunity. And the red personality has to be defeated big time in order to ask for help. When he does that he can build a big team.
Once people have read the free e-book Success In Ten Steps and listened to three special skills calls Business Models Drive The Behavior In The Field, Five Pillars To Success plus Being ALL IN then they can have a free coaching call with Michael Dlouhy and they will realize the reason why their lack of success is not their fault.
After they have gone through all that and learned skills then people will be ten feet tall and bullet proof meaning that when they are pitched on any deal or sold anything they will say no to scams just like they say no to drugs. Personally I have learned that the network marketing truth exposed on being a relationship business by using what I learned on the topic called Colors To Success, I learned specifically what a person likes and more importantly what a person can't stand.

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld


  1. Great point! I have so much fun reading your blog, very honest and informative.

  2. Thanks Manu! I am glad to hear that you like it!! Remember that it will work for you if you use it!


    Lawrence Bergfeld