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Exclusive MLM Secret Exposed On Using Creative Imagination Today

The top mlm secret exposed on using creative imagination today is to turn a dark situation into an enlightened one, just like Steve Porter does in network marketing today! If his father did so in his life can he and he is! Here he describes on how he came from a poor family to being on his way to becoming a millionaire. His father is his hero.

I remember but bits and pieces of the first house I lived in
with my parents. Must have been around 1963 or so. The
most vivid memory I have of my early childhood was sitting
on the floor in front of the television at my maternal
grandparents' home watching the funeral of President John
F. Kennedy. I did not know it then but my family must have
been Democrats because I saw and heard their grief.

I remember 6 different houses I lived in with my parents
from my birth to age 21. The first 5 were shacks. They were
dreadfully cold during winters and suffocatingly hot during
summers. My Dad heated the first 5 homes with wood burning
stoves and during summers we had no air conditioning. Then,
in 1978, my Dad purchased his first home. He had rented until
he was 55 years young. My Dad had an alcohol substance abuse
addiction until age 54. My Mom divorced him in 1974 because of
his addiction. She put up with it until she was 47 years young and
had enough. That was the first year I remember when we got food
stamps because we no longer had my Dad's income to rely upon.

I remember my Dad telling me after the divorce was final that my
Mom would always be his wife and that no piece of paper (the
divorce decree) would change that. My Dad moved next door into
another shack and literally slept on a cot in one of the rooms of
the shack to be close to Mom and us kids. Mom had 4 mouths to
feed in addition to herself. She took work cleaning rooms at a local
motel. I worked part-time also to help out while I was in high school.
My Dad always earned a good income working for himself as a paint
contractor but most of his money went to buy booze.

Then, in December of 1976, I will never forget this, I walked through
the front door of Mom's house after riding a Greyhound bus back home
from my first semester in college in Kansas City to have my Mom hug me
and whisper to me (so my 3 siblings could not hear her) that my Dad had
not had any booze to drink for 2 weeks. (Unbeknownst to anyone, I had
spent that first semester at college every night forcing myself to sit on
the 50-yard line at the college football stadium in a folding chair in the
pitch black darkness - still being afraid of the dark at age 18 - closing my
eyes and praying and asking God to deliver my Dad from his desire for
alcohol so that I could have my family put back together and made whole
again). Friends, that 2 weeks my Mom whispered to me ended up being a
29-year period that my Dad never drank alcohol again. After I returned
home in December of 1976 after that first semester at college, my Mom
and Dad started living together, again, and in 1980 my Dad moved my
Mom and my 3 younger siblings and me into the first new home that my
Dad ever owned. It took him 2 years from 1978 to 1980 to remodel it to
have it ready to move into. I asked my Dad why he had purchased the
house in 1978 and moved us into it in 1980 and he told me it was because
he had never given my Mom what she wanted and that was a new home of
her own.

We went from being dirt poor and looked down upon to being one of the
most prominent families in my hometown within a single generation, all
because my Dad had "imagination" and acted upon it. He gave up drinking
booze "cold turkey". One day he made a decision that he was not going to
drink booze anymore and he did not have another drop. And, he transformed
himself and his life and his wife and his children and his reputation within
less than 3 years! God had answered my prayers!

My Mom and Dad have 10 children. My oldest brother passed away in March
of 1999 and my 2nd oldest brother followed him in July of 1999. My Dad then
passed in 2006 and my Mom passed in 2010. All 10 children have been over
achievers. I served as Mayor of my hometown from 1984 to 1986. While I was
away at law school, my Dad followed me and served as a city councilman.

What has all of this got to do with "imagination", the topic of this week's
lesson? Hill writes that "it has been said that man can create anything which
he can imagine"! My Dad, motivated to get his wife back, imagined a life with
no addictions. Because of my Dad's imagination, we went from being pitied to
being prominent in just a few short years. My Dad had great and powerful
imagination. I like to believe that I inherited some of that.

So, if man can create anything which he can imagine, then that means that I
CAN create the life I desire the most. A Life where I get up when I am done
sleeping. A life where I go to bed when I am tired, not because I have to awaken
earlier than I want to meet the schedule of others. A life where if I choose to
not leave my home for 30 days, then so be it. A life where my money comes in
passively month-after-month because of the work I did right one time. A life
where I am in charge of all of it. A life where I answer to no one other than my
Creator. A life where I am able to help anyone because "I" choose to. A life
where I have thousands upon thousands of people whom have chosen to follow
me because I give them better service than anyone else possibly could.

I recently remarked to a friend when he asked me what I have been up to
lately by replying to him that I am becoming a multi millionaire by helping others
to look better, feel better, and live better. He replied with, "Steve, your Dad
would have been so proud of you for all of your accomplishments"! I think my
friend is right!

Thank you and Best Wishes, Always!

Steve Porter - Hannibal, Missouri, USA -

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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  1. What a happy big family, my brother has 12 children and I wish I could have more children too ;)

    1. My dad had nine siblings growing up!

      Lawrence Bergfeld

  2. Wow, that was a lot of moving around but it must have been fun with such big family!

    1. I bet they had lots of fun time, like singing songs at the campfire!!

      Lawrence Bergfeld