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Exclusive Home Business Secret Revealed On Attracting Prospects Today

What I think of this exclusive home business secret revealed on attracting prospects today, it reminds me that we can't push a prospect to buy our product nor join our business. We must pull him through. Meaning that we have to ask him what would he like to know first? What does he want to know next? And lets just drop the agenda. What we would like for the prospect to does not exist. He cares about his own problems. In conversations with our prospects we do not have to be all business. Lets ask about his family, his vacation, what hobbies that he has etc. And if he comes up with a problem then we must ask him "What are you doing about it?" and depending on HOW he answers your question you can ask "How is that going for you?" and/or "Have you considered doing something about it?" If he says yes then tell him a testamonial and what the product does. If he says that he is under doctors care or whatever then leave him alone.

Think & Grow Rich Chapter 7
The Sixth Step Toward Riches - Organized Planning

The Crystallization of Desire into Action

One must identify what it is they Desire, PLAN for it…Take
Action on the plan…But, it might be wise to do it Right the…
“THIRD TIME AROUND” - The Third Time Around?

To most people this whole Network Marketing thing does not
come naturally. We have plenty of life’s events and pre-
programming to overcome.

THE FIRST TIME AROUND. People reading this Lesson grew
to adults, possibly went on to college, got a job started a family
and worked 40+hr weeks all dictated by everything we were
programmed to know about supporting ourselves, our families
and being a productive citizen, an active part of society. Inside
we yearned for something else. Most felt the yearning but didn’t
know what to do except try to find a job that paid more (pre-

Then one day we’re approached by someone in Network
Marketing. We listened for a moment, “ah, I’ve been told about
these schemes and scams”. We hold up the silver cross put the
garlic around our necks and run…just like our prospects did
before we learned exactly word for word what to say and do…

THE SECOND TIME AROUND. But as time passed it occurred
there may be more to it than we thought, we had been given a
glimpse of the Network marketing promise and couldn’t let it go.
We eventually enrolled in a Network Marketing company.

We don’t know what to do so our up-line gave us a PLAN. We
knew this was the correct PLAN because our up-line told us
exactly what they were told. Make a list of family and friends, all
the business people and professions you know and go tell them
about this GREAT Product and business opportunity. They will
all see how this wonderful opportunity will allow them to retire
years earlier then they otherwise could.


So off we go, plan in hand. A little fearful but excited and
motivated we start…vomiting. Almost immediately people start
holding up the silver crosses, putting garlic around their necks
running and not answering the phone when we call. We become
discouraged, doubtful and very fearful. As time passes our
activity ceases and our up-line pushes. The big issue, no one
ever really told us step by step what do and say word for
word…they just said do-it and we did.

How does one create an organized plan out of that? We had the
umpteen years of pre-programming before Network Marketing
now we have the rejection and fear to overcome…what plan will
get us through that?

THE THIRD TIME AROUND. When you read the ebook
Success in 10 Steps the author told you, and you began to
discover, why your struggling and lack of Success in Network
Marketing was not your fault. For those of you in Network
Marketing but have not yet read the book, ask the person who
shared this lesson with you to share the book as well.

Here is an Organized Plan. Voluntarily commit to the
instructions in the book. Participate at Mentoring for Free and be
here a year from now. You’ll learn “How to Think, not what to

From the book “Think and grow Rich” you’ll learn, “Thoughts are
THINGS”, so adjust your thinking. You’ll learn how to build
Desire for Success, how to have Faith, (Faith…I have it, I can do
it, I am it…regardless of the current evidence). Learn the power
of self-talk; re-program yourself from the negative influences that
hold you captive. You are now beginning to understand what
“Specialized Knowledge” in network marketing is. Learning the
art of attraction and exactly what to say and do to be Successful
in your opportunity. Now “Imagine”…yes there is a difference
between day-dreaming and Imagination…it will “pay big dividends”
to understand this principle.

Your new PLAN is all of the above. Napoleon Hill says, “Put
your Plan into ACTION this moment whether you are ready or
not.” You will soon learn word for word what to say and do…

Russ Aker
Portland, Oregon

And when you use this exclusve home business secret revealed on attracting prospects today then you will attract prospects ONLY if you know what to say and what to do, if not then you are toast! A great book that my mentor Tom Big Al Schrieter recommends to others is the Art Of Selling Anything!

Generate Champion Leads Today
Lawrence Bergfeld


  1. I've always wanted to rea The Art Of Selling Anything. I should actually do something about that and read it :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are welcome Allison, that book is a page turner! You will definitely have ah ha moments when you read it!

    Lawrence Bergfeld