Monday, May 26, 2014

Top MLM Truth Revealed On Fear Today

The top mlm truth revealed on fear is that you have to take action to get rid of you or else it is going to get worse. Russ Aker will explain to you the rest of the story in his lesson plan.

Think & Grow Rich

Chapter Fifteen

Fear may be one of the most miserable maladies one
could live with. It robs us of the joys available in life. Fear
holds our mind and actions captive, manipulates our
thought, lack of positive action and achievement.

It’s funny, one would think that by recognizing a fear we
would choose not to live in the discomfort of it and just
move out of fear. But fear can be so imbedded from a
lifetime collection of fearful thought and dread
unrecognized and hidden in the subconscious. It’s not that
easily seen. Most people lack tools available to develop
skill in eliminating fear. To cultivate the opposite we must
begin to recognize and admit fear, and develop skills for
employing opposing action.

Fear diverts concentration of effort. Hill says recognize the
fact that all human beings, are, by nature, lazy, indifferent,
and susceptible to all suggestions which harmonize with
our weaknesses one of which is fear. It takes a willing
desire, effort and action to overcome.

The following statement of Hills was very eye opening to
me, “I would remind you that Life is a checkerboard, and
the player opposite you is time. If you hesitate before
moving, or neglect to move promptly, your men will be
wiped off the board by time. You are playing against a
partner who will not tolerate INDECISION!”

Fear is really nothing more than a state of mind,
understanding that statement should be freeing itself. It
means we are in charge, we can decide what state of mind
is acceptable to us. Knowing what you don’t want, waking
in the moment of fearful thought and saying “STOP IT”
actually works. I find in these waking moments it is a good
time to interject a repetition of short positive affirmation.
Overcome fear by overpowering it with the opposite.

Hill offers a self analysis test. He suggests, "to aid those
who wish to see themselves as they really are, read the
questions and state your answers aloud, so you can hear
your own voice. This will make it easier for you to be
truthful with yourself". Try recording your honesty and play
it back.

As mentioned in my last lesson, to measure our growth
and understanding of the principles, after completing this
chapter on fear reread this book and practice the
principles. At the end of the cycle reflect on the
progress of your journey.

Russ Aker
Portland, OR

Hopefully you will use this mlm truth revealed on eliminating indecision, doubt and procrastination & you will take action to take your business to a whole notha level!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld


  1. Great Blog our biggest oposition is fear it does rob us of our dreams and joy. Great points too

  2. Thanks! Now lets take action so that we can get rid of it!


    Lawrence Bergfeld

  3. Great article, Lawrence. I like the idea that, "Fear is really nothing more than a state of mind." That is so important to remember and to know that we can change that by simply changing the way we think. Thanks so much for the reminder!

  4. You are welcome Jeanne and we definitely must think differently to overcome it!

    Lawrence Bergfeld