Saturday, May 10, 2014

Champion MLM Leadership Tip On Genuine Interest Today Online

A champion mlm leadership tip on showing genuine interest today online is to leave comments that engage people in having a dialogue with you. Don't just say I agree or disagree because then you are just commenting for the sake of commenting and people get turned off by that.
What I learned from Ken Klemn when he was reading Dale Carnegies book called How To Win Friends and Influence People in the digital age is to smile and make them feel better than they were previoiusly. Because people are the same on the internet as off the internet. They will never forget what you said and did to them but they will always remember how you made them feel. It is NOT the big things that you do for someone that matters. It is the little things that make people feel better. It is no different than holding the door for someone, or helping them carry stuff when they need help. Little things make the big difference in a relationship. A present to someone is short term but the little things mean much more in the long term.
Another thing to consider online is on Fan Pages. Don't just like every single fan page that you see because that indicates that you are desperate and people who bounce around all the time are very unattractive. Like a fan page and comment what interested you there also. And last but not least avoid bragging about yourself by talking too much about yourself like I, I, I, and changing your picture of yourself. Because if you do that then you repel people.
Now it is time for you to use the champion mlm leadership tip on showing a genuine interest in others!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld


  1. Right on, Lawrence! People like us and trust us when they know we genuinely care for them. But they won't know that unless we show it in little ways whenever we have an opportunity.

  2. Definitely Willena!!


    Lawrence Bergfeld