Friday, May 29, 2015

Victorious Network Marketing Secret Revealed On Dropping Agenda Today

A victorious network marketing secret revealed on dropping agenda today is to listen to what your prospect wants NOT what you want. Because you have to make it about them NOT about you. If you think this business is about you then you are getting nowhere fast. People do not join companies nor products people purchase products from and ask others to sponsor them only if they know, like and trust you. They also have to believe that they could do this business because that gives them staying power.

Why do so many people these days have fear? The reason why people have fear these days is because they think that the only way to be successful is to get them into their deal, get them into their deal. Consider the following: If you have to close someone then you will have to end up pestering them month after month. And plus you will be walking away from 30 customers by the end of the third month.

Consider the following scenario. You open up a shoestore. And you invite your family and friends to come on over. They decide to purchase the special. That is buy one pair of shoes and get one free. They find a red pair of Adidas shoes and a Green one, then they bring it up to the counter so that they could pay for it. You ask them for their social security number and tell them that they will be next week comming to training so that they can open up their shoestore and get their shoes on autoship every single month then teach others to do the same. When they hear that the salesman alarm goes off in their mind and they drop down the shoes and never return back to your shoestore nor never reconsider you as a friend.

Does this example sound familiar? Before I became a part of Mentoring For Free this thing happened to me as well. It really does NOT work especially for 95% of the population. Which is 35% yellow relationship builders, 35% green analytical people, 15% blue and 10% red.

People just want to be customers! They do not want to be distributors. When you let them buy their shoes then they will tell all their friends about where they got your shoes, how comfortable is it, etc and you can have a mob of people wanting to buy shoes!

The moral of the story is why walk away from 30 customers? Make it about the prospect! If they say that they want to do what you are doing then they will tell you! And even then you may not necessarily want to sponsor them because are they coachable? Do they follow through or are they just complaining?

Now its your turn to make it about your prospect and use this network marketing secret revealed on dropping your agenda now or keep on spinning your wheels!

Lawrence Bergfeld

Turn MLM Failure Into Massive Success Today
Lawrence Bergfeld

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