Sunday, June 21, 2015

Top Network Marketing Truth Exposed On Being Accountable Today

The top network marketing truth exposed on being accountable today is as follows. Most people in America are employees and have a job mentality. They are used to being told what they have to do every day by the boss and if they do something different then their jobs are in jeapordy. They come into network marketing because they heard someone made a lot of money and if they can do it then so can I! They have no plan of action on becoming successful and because they fail to plan they fail.
Lets say you would be applying for a job. You would want to know how much would you get paid per hour, how much salary you would earn per month, per year, etc. So that you could pay your rent, car insurance, health insurance, food, gas, electricity and other fixed costs. Here in network marketing you would need to have is an accountability report to send to your accountability partner. That is sending to your partner what did you do to move your business forward. How many people did you speak to each day. Have you talked about business? Did you make a new connection? How many times you shared your business on social media? Who did you talk to online? Who did you talk to offline? The only way you can fail is if you quit, procrastinate and do not talk to people legendary networker Pat Hintze says. If you are spending your time online reading the newspaper or reading your sports section then you are not working the business. Lets say you did that on the job, the boss could fire you and say that it is too expensive to keep you here. In this business it is too expensive to waste time on non income producing activities. They should be abandoned.
To calcluate how much money you must make per month and per year you must know how many people do you need in your organization to earn a certain income. Think about when you first replace your income from the J.O.B. To earn $10,000 per month in some companies you need 5000 people on autoship and in other companies you need roughly 500 people. In the organization where you need 500 people in your organization that is that you need to sponsor one person per month and your new distributor has to do the same thing. After month one you have two people, after month 2 you will have four people, after month three 8 people, after month four 16 people, after month five 32 people, after month six 64 people, after month seven 128 people, after month eight 256 people, after month nine 512 people. If you are getting started right now and you sponsor one new person per month for ten months and your teammate does the same thing then you could reach the $10,000 mark within 9 months, with 512 people. That is over the 500 mark and as a conclusion it makes no sense building an organization getting started in the comp plan that has 5000 people because you will have to build it ten times bigger and you will lose valuable time for that.
My team and I will be able to help you figure out how many people do you need in your organization so that you could earn the desired amount of income that you would like to have. Now its time to use this network marketing truth exposed on being accountable today in full circle or else you will get left behind!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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