Monday, May 11, 2015

Autosuggestion Lesson Plan

What I thought of autosuggestion when reading this Chapter is feeding your mind with thoughts that make you happy! Because you have to enjoy whatever you do because if you do not then it is meaning less. Self talk literally is food for the brain. You got to plant fruits and vegetables. You can't be planting Doritos and Cheese Doodles because then you are working backwards. And of course you do not want that due to the fact that Doritos and Cheese Doodles are the exit sign!

There is an old saying "Your Thoughts determine what you want and your ACTIONS determine what you get." Do you really want to make your dreams come true or do you want to remain in la la land? Richard Dennis said on Saturday nights call take risks. Leaders do that sometimes they are wrong and sometimes they are right. But they fail forward by making a new mistake frequently and they never repeat their mistakes.

Invisible results. We may not see the Apples and the Oranges today. We may not see them tommorow. We many not necessarily see them next month nor next year. But as we take massive action every day and apply what we learn using the Slight Edge method we will see them over time!

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: Take a quantum leap as well by producing your first video on Whiteboard! I did on Sunday. Who is next?

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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