Saturday, July 5, 2014

Top MLM Leadership Tip On Who Develops Into A Top Leader Today

The top mlm leadership tip on who develops into a top leader today is as follows: There are three types of distributors in the world that I learned about from Tom Big Al Schrieter: Those who say that they will give it a try, those who say that they will do their best and those who will do whatever it takes.
The distributors who say that they will give it a try are the ones who sit around and complain that their check is not big enough, my sponsor does not help me and they complain about autoship etc. They are the ones who escape everything and are most of the time out of the business within 90 days.
The distributors who say that they will do their best, are in and out in and out not that much more successful than the ones who say they will give it a try. They are the ones who imply that they will call their next prospect when it is convenient for them etc.. Because of that they last the most one or even two years.
Last but not least you have the distributors who will do what ever it takes to be successful in this business. They will work the business no matter how inconvenient it is to them, no matter if the products are backordered or anything else. They will be the ones whom you would want to be with on a 30 day cruise. Point is this you are looking for five key leaders. Leaders become leaders because they are first intelligent followers. That is they follow the people who have what they want and they never question it. If Tom Big Al Schrieter asked Michael Dlouhy to walk to convention Michael would do it!
The numbers do not lie in this business, just like Jordan Adler discusses in his book beach money. Out of 30 distributors that you sponsor. 10 will do nothing, 10 will do a little bit and 6 our of the 30 will be the leaders whom you would want to be on a one month cruise.
Those who are taking action and have prospects with them for questions or any clarifications to either become a customer to be a distributor merit your time, the other ones you should spend much less time with. Remember that 20% of the people on your team will be likely to be leaders.
If any distributor complains to you regarding their sponsor, then you should ask them the following: What can your sponsor do for you that you are not willing to do for yourself? That will put the decision on your distibutor to take action!
Now it is your turn to apply this mlm leadership tip on developing into a top leader in this business, because like Richard Dennis says that if you do not have a plan on being a leader in this industry then you are wasting your time.

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld


  1. Very good article! Being successful in the marketing industry takes a lot of hard work and determination. There is no "try", just "do." Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are welcome Jeanne! A person definitely does need to commit to taking action. There is no other way around it!

    Lawrence Bergfeld