Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Exclusive MLM Tip On Finding Prospects Today

An exclusive mlm tip on finding prospects today is as follows: Go make friends! Here is why. People join people they do not join companies. They are attracted to you because of the skills that you have. They will not join you in your business nor anything else just because you invite them to dinner or gift them something. It is no different than dating. A person can NOT buy love.
Tom Big Al Schrieter went on an MLM Cruise and had conducated a seminar. 40 leaders on the ship attended the seminar. The rest of the people on the cruise were sunbathing while the leaders were getting ahead!
Tom did a survey and 36 of the 40 people which is 90% of them were sponsored by a relative or a friend into the business. This confirms that friends do business with friends.
Now your warm market may not be part of your business. And you might be saying that you do not have one. However that is not an excuse. Join a club and go to a Meetup and you will meet people with common interests.
If you run out of friends then go make new ones. Hope you will use this mlm tip to grow your business!!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld


  1. That's interesting my friend. Just shows that having a warm market still works in this day in age. Thanks for confirming that.

  2. You are welcome Nate. When you make it about what the prospect then he will say tell me more!

    Lawrence Bergfeld