Saturday, July 12, 2014

Champion Home Business Secret Revealed On Getting Prospects Attention Today

The champion home business secret revealed on getting your prospects attention today is to catch them, keep them and convince them. First of all it takes 30 seconds to get your prospects attention in a headline, TV show, telelphone conversation on the phone and to make a first impression.
You must have a powerful first sentence to get the conversation going says Richard Dennis and Milo Frank, because if it sounds dull they are gone. Just like they change the channel if they can't stand a TV show within 30 seconds. You are the message. The news learns how to narrow down a story to 30 seconds, if it is more than that then it goes off the air.
That is all on the champion home business business secret revealed on getting your prospects attention in 30 seconds, I love the book How To Get Your Point Across in 30 seconds or less, it is definitely a page turner!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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