Saturday, December 21, 2013

Top Network Marketing Truth Revealed On Using Five Pillars Today

The top network marketing truth revealed on using five pillars today in building is crucial because without it your company can terminate you and/or crash and burn. So how do you determine whether a product is a five pillar company meaning a legimate company: I learned about the five pillars from my good friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy & Richard Dennis.

Company management with experience. Google their track record. Have they built a company and terminated the distributors who put blood sweat and tears into building it? If they have done that then run away from them.

Timing in the company and timing in the industry. Do they have competition with other network marketing companies? Has their been millionaires made already? If those two factors have been done and the company is a household name then find a company that has an exclusive product that everybody wants to have and can only purchase it from you, not from the store.

Product, it is rare that a company has a purple cow product meaning a first to market product that people can get only from you, not on e-bay or elswhere.

Compensation plan does it pay for the part time person. It must because most of the people who you will be sponsoring want to earn an extra paycheck so that they can pay their bills. If you can sponsor many little fishes among them one of them will go on to building a massive organization. Your company has to be emphasing retail because without customers you can't get paid. Think about this you talk to 100 people. Ten customers and one distributor. Some of the ten customers if they are satisfied with the product might become distributor on THEIR time. If you tell a customer that he needs to do the business, he is going to stop buying products from you because of that remark and he will go to your competitor or even forget you.

System. Remember this. A person cannot build their business by themselves. They need to have a team of people working together. Because you may not know the answer to a particular question: You will have to say "I don't know but I can find out for you." And you do not want to be someone who knows it all and gives more information than the prospect wants to hear, because he will say "Man this is a smart guy but I couldn't do what he just did to me?"

Share this network marketing truth revealed on five pillars with others, that way they will have a yardstick on how to evaluate an opportunity the right way.

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld


  1. Hi Lawrence,

    You shared some great tips in this article. I agree with you on the network marketing company have products that can be retailed. Lawrence, a new person's first profits will come from retail customers. It is so important not to push your customers into becoming distributors, it is definitely an art to showing them the opportunity. I always recommend to show them the opportunity every 3 months or so, let them see the math. How becoming a distributor will help them save money by signing up.

  2. I agree that it is important not to push your customers into becoming distributors. Something even better is to avoid showing the opportunity to them altogether until they ask you about it. When they ask you about it do not tell them everything. Rather ask them "what would you like to know first?" Then be quiet and LISTEN. Then ask them "What would you like to know next?" Then be quiet and LISTEN. If you do it that way then you will have influence over them and they will want to continue the dialogue with you.

    And remember that people join people whom they know, like and trust. And they do not care whether your company owner owns a ranch or has a summer house. They will be working with you and they definitely are not going to join someone whom they do not like, because then they'll have to be working with them.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  3. Great article. You've put a lot of thought behind it and I appreciate the insight. Thanks!

  4. You are welcome Jeanne.


    Lawrence Bergfeld