Monday, December 15, 2014

Top MLM Truth Exposed On Leadership Today

The top mlm truth exposed on leadership today is when you get the feeling something has to be acted on just act on it! With a little creativity and sharing ideas with others you will be learning as you go!

The sixth sense is the creative imagination's receiving set, I call it that still
small voice, this still small voice brings the wisdom of the creator of all things.

Mr. Hill states nature NEVER deviates from it's established laws, and some of
these laws are so incomprehensible that they produce what we call miracles.

These miracles happen everyday millions of times a day, it lack of understanding
that leads us to believe that these miracles only happen occasionally. I believe
ounce we understand that these miracles are common place that it opens up our
understanding that we live in a miraculous world.

We live in a world of possibilities, all things are possible to him who believes,
and all our getting get understanding.

As i begin to understand one of the purposes of self-talk is to bring us to a
level of thinking and vibration that clears our mind of the clutter so we can
hear that still small voice of the creator, communicating wisdom to us every
moment, not just one hunch or idea but one after another, the wisdom flows
continually, it the clutter that blocks our hearing, and it's the self-talk that
removes the clutter.

I have come to understand like Mr. Hill says if I neglect my life's purpose
for any reason, I feel I would be reduced to a primal state. as I evolve and
grow it becomes clear that my mission in life is to effect as many people in
a positive manner as I possibly can, in some cases it may be pointing them
in the right direction that will bring them out of financial hardship, in other
cases it may be character issues or emotional difficulties, the point is to use
this new found understanding of the power of the creator for the betterment
of my follow man.

It's a different feeling when we approach life and the attainment of our
goals from this prospective it takes the focus off the money, and puts it
on building people, helping others to find their way, to get the clarity we
all need to be better people and have the success we all desire in our lives.

As I move forward THANK YOU doesn't nearly cover the gratitude I wish
to express to Michael and Linda for the hard work they put into this great
forum of Mentoring For Free.

I'm just beginning to understand what personal development means and
how it effects everything we do and everything we are becoming.

Larry Griffin
A Work In Progress

Bottom line on mlm truth exposed on leadership today is to avoid waiting for all the answers or else the opportunity will go to someone else! Now its your turn to use what Larry Griffin wrote!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld


  1. I like your point about waiting on all the answers. We have to be willing to act and move forward. We cannot wait on things to be perfect because they never will.

  2. Things definitely will not get perfect, there are always going to be challenges out there. What matters to us if we just face our fears and act on it, because if we do not then our enthusiasm decreases while our fear increases.

    Lawrence Bergfeld