Saturday, December 13, 2014

Top MLM Leadership Tip On Trust Today

The top mlm leadership tip on trust today is that you have to be someone who has to get results or else you will get nowhere fast in this business. That means that you have to keep on improving yourself by learning new skills in mlm or any other endeavor that you are interested in and get RESULTS based on what you learned or else people are going to follow your competitor instead of you. That what comes first on Richard Dennis's list and Steven Coveys list.

Lets say you want to be an expert at Linkedin model after someone who has gotten results on Linkedin by doing what they did to make connections. I myself recently just learned Linkedin and I find it easier to make contacts there than on any other networking site. I have learned from one of my mentors Katherine Clement on her recorded audio on how to do Linkedin.

Here is how you connect with other network marketers if you want to help them out. You want to type into the search bar Network Marketing. Then you want to go to the list and where it says ALL and then click on People. Next click on 2 and connections. Afterwards click on country which is United States. Last type in the company name. And then you will find a bunch of networkers.

The reason why you want to target network marketers is because 98% of them are failing. And if you can teach frustrated networkers skills to move their business forward, then when something bad happens to their current company and they discover on their own terms through the Mentoring For Free System that something is wrong with their company then they are much more likely to ask you to sponsor them into your business over the other options that they have.

This is one example of where I have gotten results on getting my e-book Success In Ten Steps downloaded. Two people downloaded the book from me today.

If you would like to use Linkedin and get your share of e-book downloads to find someone who is looking for you then lets get in touch. If not then feel free to apply this top mlm leadership tip on trust, link to the book is the bottom left hand corner.

Lawrence Bergfeld

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  1. I've read a few places that keep saying linkedin is a good place to network at. I never thought of it and I'm not sure my blog would benefit but I still find it pretty interesting!

  2. Ashley it is a great place. I suggest that you type in MLM Groups in the Linkedin search box. And choose a group to post your blog in that you think would be a good match with the blogpost topic that you have written.

    For example lets say you are writing about how to find mlm leads at no cost, you type in MLM Leads and put a checkmark on the groups link. Then you will find a bunch of groups appearing. You put your MLM Leads post in a group that relates to your blogpost and share it.

    And remember to comment on other peoples blogs and articles that appear there. Because if you comment and share on other peoples blogs and articles then they will comment on yours as well.

    But avoid saying the words "I agree" because that does not show that you care. You have to explain why do you agree with something and even better why you disagree.

    When you disagree with someone then you are having a dialogue. Because if you agreed on every topic then there would be no conversation. And when there is no conversation then everything becomes dull.

    Whatever I mention here will be worth to you only if you use it.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  3. Great post - and I do love LinkedIn and their groups - thanks for the tips :)

  4. You are welcome Donna!


    Lawrence Bergfeld